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Considering the complicated aspects of performing any type of surgical procedure, it is frightening to think our health care providers might not be as careful as we would expect. Under the given circumstances, we rely on surgical instruments to be sterilized and count on medical staff to be able to use medical devices that will help to heal, rather than harm.

When hospitals fail to understand the tools involved in major medical procedures, then the improper use of a medical device can lead to medical malpractice. Attorney James Bettersworth has the experience to help individuals who have suffered surgical errors due to the improper use of a medical device. He has handled hundreds of medical error cases and can get you the compensation you deserve.

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Medical Device Mishandling

Anyone performing surgery must undergo years of training beforehand, in order to help patients. To apply what they have learned, surgeons need to be able to perform complicated and risky procedures, which is necessary for them to do their job. However, when surgical tools are not handled correctly by someone with experience and practice, the improper use of a medical device can cause serious health injuries due to:

  • Lack of sterilization,
  • Using a broken surgical tool or instrument,
  • Hospital failure to appropriately train other staff members, and
  • Improper storage of an instrument.

Since surgery exposes internal organs, improper use of a medical device can easily lead to more injury, spread of infection, and internal bleeding. Attorney James Bettersworth can help clients protect their rights when they are the victim of medical negligence caused by the improper use of a medical device.

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