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Chrysler Stalls Recall of Defective Jeeps

Posted on in Defective Products
Back in June, Chrysler approved a recall of between two and three million older SUVs that were found to be defective products.  Their plan was to begin initiating the recall starting in July.  They agreed in part due to pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Regulators brought up concerns that the placement of the fuel tank could cause vehicles to catch fire in a rear end collision. The affected vehicles were Jeep Liberty SUVs from 2002 to 2007 as well as Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs from 1993 to 2004.  For these models, the fuel tank is situated right behind the rear axle.  The NHTSA has data that shows that over 50 people died in fiery wrecks with gas tanks in that position. Chrysler has maintained throughout their battle with the government agency that the vehicles are not defective.  These Jeep SUVs “are among the safest in the peer group” according to a statement released by Chrysler.  But the plan to ensure the safety of their customers was to have every affected SUV inspected and fixed by installing trailer hitches to safeguard the gas tanks.  And now four months after agreeing to recall and repair the vehicles, Jeep customers still have not been notified. According to a e-mail sent by Eric Mayne, a spokesperson from Chrysler, says that "preparations continue to implement the announced actions.  Customers will be advised when to schedule inspections with their dealers."  There is also no telling whether Chrysler's plan is viable without following the request of the Center for Auto Safety to conduct testing to verify that it will protect the occupants.  Some safety consultants have said that the delay of the recall might be because the remedy is not viable. This is an example of a defectively designed product.  The product is potentially dangerous based on the placement of the fuel tank and the fire risk associated with it.  If you or your family has experienced pain and suffering due to this kind of product, then you should reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney in  New Braunfels today.

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