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Pursuing Damages for Emotional Trauma in a Texas Car Accident Claim

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San Marcos Car Crash LawyerMillions of people are involved in vehicle crashes each year. Many suffer serious to severe injuries in these crashes. One type of injury that many victims suffer but may not realize are emotional trauma. Even a crash that appears to be minor in nature can leave a victim dealing with psychological and emotional issues. Under Texas law, a car accident victim may be able to pursue damages for emotional anguish as part of their lawsuit or claim.

Emotional Issues Following a Crash

It is not uncommon for car accident victims to feel a myriad of emotions after a crash. Many victims deal with feelings of disbelief that the accident happened, mixed with anger, fear, worry, and anxiety. It is also not uncommon for a car accident victim to have feelings of guilt, even if the crash was not their fault.

In addition to these feelings, victims often replay the crash multiple times in their minds, going over all the details and reliving the experience over and over again. It can get to the point where these thoughts and feelings begin to have a significant impact on the victim’s life.

For many people, these strong emotions eventually fade away, but for others, these feelings remain. In fact, they often become more intense as time goes on and begin to affect the way a person acts, thinks, and lives their day-to-day life. Many of these victims develop post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

What Are the symptoms of PTSD?

The following symptoms could indicate that the victim has developed PTSD:

  •  A constant and ongoing feeling of uneasiness

  •  Anger

  •  Anxiety about driving or even riding in a vehicle

  •  Avoiding or refusing to have any medical procedures done

  •  Constant memories of the crash

  •  Excessive worry

  •  Feelings of being unable to connect emotionally with people or events

  •  Insomnia

  •  Irritability

  •  Nightmares

Are There Other Emotional Issues a Vehicle Accident Can Trigger?

A car accident victim does not have to develop PTSD in order to pursue financial compensation for emotional trauma. Depression and anxiety are also common issues that victims can develop. Signs of these issues include:

  •  The victim develops difficulty eating or sleeping

  •  The victim does not feel better even as time passes since the event

  •  The victim’s emotions begin to cause problems in their life

  •  The victim begins to use drugs or alcohol to cope with their feelings

  •  The victim has thoughts of hurting themselves or others

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