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TX injury lawyerA tragic car accident on I-37 near Mathis claimed the lives of six people, two of whom were from the San Antonio area, all between the ages of 18 and 24. The crash was a head-on collision between two vehicles carrying multiple passengers, and one of the vehicles was traveling in the wrong direction on the highway. In addition to those who lost their lives, three more people involved in the crash were hospitalized with injuries.

This accident is especially severe in its impact on the victims and their families, and it is a reminder that life can be fragile for anyone on the road, and that unsafe driving needs to be addressed. Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits cannot erase death, but they can provide compensation to help ease the victims’ suffering.

Head-On Collisions Are Often Fatal

Head-on crashes represent a relatively small portion of all car accidents—less than 10 percent according to most recent estimates. However, the National Safety Council estimates that head-on collisions were responsible for almost 30 percent of fatalities resulting from multi-vehicle accidents in 2018. These crashes tend to happen at high speed, and the force of the direct, head-to-head impact often causes severe injuries to the brain, spinal cord, extremities, and internal organs.


TX wrongful death lawyerRecently, a major car accident near Lake Travis killed one person, and left five with injuries ranging from “minor” to “life-threatening.” The accident occurred near the 5200 block of North RM 620, killing one adult at the scene. Very little information was released about the crash, with law enforcement officials citing privacy concerns for the injured, though it was reported that one of the transported was unconscious, with another being pinned in their vehicle for some time. If you are unfortunate enough to have been involved in this type of accident, your medical bills are likely mounting, and you need a dedicated attorney on your side to help ensure they will be covered.

Statistics Show Accidents on the Rise

Texas roads have been getting more and more dangerous over the last few years, with Department of Transportation (TxDOT) statistics showing a small increase (between one and five percent) in the number of traffic accidents each year, with the number of serious injuries increasing by around the same amount. There are too many possible causes of serious injury accidents to count, but some examples include distracted driving, substance use (drugs or alcohol), speeding, and failure to share the road - behavior like failing to check mirrors or stay within the lanes while driving.

The Lake Travis accident could have been any type of crash, but the evidence would seem to suggest that it was a head-on or side-swipe crash, because these are the types of car accidents most likely to leave drivers and passengers pinned in their vehicles. Head-on collisions make up around 10 percent of all fatal crashes, while sideswipe or T-bone type accidents comprise only about three percent, but because of the point of impact, more people are likely to be pinned in the vehicle in these sorts of crashes.


TX accident lawyerRecently, a rollover crash on EB US 290 at Ben White Boulevard sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries. Both people became entrapped in their vehicles, requiring ATCEMS to cut them free before sending them to the hospital. Serious injuries are sadly common in rollover accidents, and if you have lived through one, your medical bills may add up very quickly. Bringing suit against a driver who struck you may be a good way to recoup some of your costs and recover for your losses.

Statistics Show Serious Injuries Common

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that in a given year, roughly two percent of all accidents are of the rollover type. However, rollovers were responsible for approximately 35 percent of the fatalities from those accidents. It is possible to trace some causes for these high totals. One major factor is a lack of seat belt usage - in 2010, nearly 70 percent of those killed in rollover crashes were not using any seatbelt or restraint.

Another common cause of rollover crashes is the use of substances like alcohol or drugs. In 2010 data, the NHTSA estimates that nearly half of all rollover crashes involved alcohol use, and it is a known fact that driving while under the influence of alcohol (even if someone is not legally impaired) can cause a noticeable downgrade in your driving ability. There are also many causes that have more to do with location - for example, more rollover crashes occur on undivided rural roads and may have higher speeds.


TX accident lawyerThe region of Texas between Austin and Round Rock has been one of the fastest-growing in the state in recent years, but with growth comes higher crime and traffic rates most of the time. However, the city of Round Rock has seemingly found a way to reduce both traffic accidents and attendant fatalities, even as the area continues to grow and change. If you do wind up involved in a traffic accident in Round Rock, know that the laws have been updated and strengthened so as to help those who still experience crashes.

Overhaul of Round Rock Traffic Enforcement

Statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) show that collisions in the city proper have reduced significantly - April 2017-March 2018 saw 8 traffic fatalities, while April 2018-March 2019 saw just one. Collisions overall in Round Rock also dropped by roughly 5 percent, which does not sound like a lot, but is enough to push injury and fatality counts down enough to be statistically significant. Even one life saved is a positive, but Round Rock law enforcement continues to make positive changes.

Multiple initiatives have been started, each with the aim of lowering traffic fatalities. For example, Round Rock police have created three different, discrete units aimed at enforcement of different types of traffic laws - DWI, trucking regulations and enforcement, and education/community outreach. Between the use of social media and increased policing in so-called “collision reduction zones,” law enforcement says it is committed to making Round Rock a safe place to travel. None of this means that accidents do not happen, however, and if you are unfortunate enough to experience one, it is still important to understand your options.


 TX injury lawyerThe Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) issued a statement on November 7, 2018, stating that it has officially been 18 years - since November 7, 2000 - since the last death-free day on Texas roadways. This is a statistic that is unique to Texas - no other state has posted so many consecutive years without a death-free day, for several different reasons. It can be frightening to hear such a statistic, but there are ways that you can give yourself the best chance to avoid being in an accident while you travel in Texas.

Minimize Distracted Driving

One of the most often seen factors in fatal road accidents is distracted driving, whether texting or other types of behaviors. Statistics report that roughly one in five accidents on Texas roads involves distracted driving, with over 3,000 fatalities and serious injuries reported in 2017 related to this specific type of car crash. It is very easy to imagine that you will somehow avoid the potential negative consequences, but over time, the odds catch up with everyone. If you cause an accident while you are driving distracted, you could wind up being held liable for the injuries you cause, and that can add up, even with insurance.

Be advised that Texas passed a law in 2017 making texting while driving (including reading, writing or sending a text message) a traffic violation. This may, in some cases, leave you open to a claim of negligence per se, which can increase your liability. Normally, in order for a plaintiff to hold a defendant liable for their injuries, they must show that they breached the duty to exercise reasonable care and that the harm they suffered was caused directly by the plaintiff. In cases where it can be shown that the defendant broke a law and harmed a member of the class designed to be protected by that law, such as the general populace under a texting-while-driving ban, negligence per se is often assumed, meaning that a breach of the duty of reasonable care can be inferred and does not have to be proven.


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