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What Is A Surgical “Never Event”?

Posted on in Personal Injury
A never event refers to problems during or after surgery that are major mistakes made by surgeons and medical personnel. There are several different types of never events, each more horrifying than the next. A patient who becomes the victim of one of these types of incidents needs the assistance of an expert personal injury attorney to pursue a medical malpractice claim. LauraTypes of “never events” include a foreign object, like something used during the surgical process (think of a towel, sponge, or other pieces of debris) being left in the patient’s body. Sometimes, surgeons may not even be aware that something has fallen into a surgical cavity. The wrong procedure may even be performed on a patient, something which isn’t realized until the surgery is complete. Finally, physicians might operate on the wrong site at the body, leaving patients with a surgery they didn’t expect and a surgery they will need to reschedule. There can be serious complications as a result of these never events, some of which patients may not even realize immediately after the surgery is complete. Foreign objects left inside may cause chronic pain and even problems with surrounding organs, and an unnecessary surgery can do more harm than good. Patient may have to schedule additional tests and operations simply as a result of doctor error. With the cost of healthcare going nowhere but up, it’s a serious concern for patients who aren’t getting what they bargained for in the operating room. Recent research from Johns Hopkins suggests that the number of these so-called “never events” is actually growing, leading to more complications for patients and increased medical malpractice claims. One of these mistakes made during surgery can alter the quality of life and health for a patient, so if you have been a victim, contact an New Braunfelse injury attorney today.

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