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With the increase of commercial truck traffic on Interstates 10, 20, 35, 37, 44, and 45, more people are being injured and killed in truck accidents. A truck driver who operates a semi negligently, as well as the trucking company that hired the driver and maintains the vehicle, may be liable for damages for injuries caused to you and your loved ones. A truck accident lawyer at The Bettersworth Law Firm will help you recover monetary damages for pain and suffering, payment of reasonable medical expenses, and lost wages. In order to bring a claim for damages, you should call our New Braunfels, Texas, truck wreck attorney as soon as possible.

Accidents involving trucks are more likely to result in serious injuries and deaths than car accidents. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are designed to protect motorists who have to share the roads with tractor-trailer rigs. To prevent driver fatigue, truckers cannot drive for more than ten hours in a 24-hour period. Safety regulations also deal with the proper loading of materials and safety rules when passing other vehicles and on traveling speeds.

Truckers are required to keep logs of their driving time and trucking companies are required to keep maintenance records. Most modern trucks also have GPS devices that show, down to the minute, how fast the driver was going and how quickly they came to a stop. By comparing the GPS records with the driver’s logbook, we can find discrepancies between driver logbooks and GPS records.

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We look forward to demonstrating our skill, integrity, and compassion should you ever need legal advice about a truck accident claim. The sooner you call us, the sooner our truck wreck lawyer and investigators can help you with the following accidents causes:

Battling Negligent Drivers, Trucking Companies, and Insurance Providers

It is also important for you to consult a truck accident attorney before saying anything to an insurance company adjuster. Anything you say to an adjustor could be used by the insurance company to reduce the value of your injury claim.

At The Bettersworth Law Firm, we handle all truck wrecks on a contingency fee basis. That means we will bear all of the cost of bringing your accident injury case to trial. If we do not make a recovery for you, you owe us nothing. Contact us anytime by calling 830-606-0404.

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