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New Braunfels car crash lawyerThe non-profit organization committed to informing consumers about the products they purchase, Consumer Reports, recently conducted a full, comprehensive review on a variety of the new and advanced safety features in today’s automobiles. Forward-collision warning was one of the features that they highly recommended. Unfortunately, further testing revealed that all are not all created equal, which could, in some instances, increase the risk of an automobile accident or nullify the system’s benefits.   

Forward-Collision Warning Systems

Statistics and studies indicate that approximately 90 percent of auto accidents are directly related to driver error. Now standard on some newer vehicles, forward-collision warning systems (FCW) seeks to counteract that by notifying drivers of a potential collision through the use of lasers, radar, or cameras that monitor driving speed and detect objects up ahead. Some are also paired with emergency braking systems that can slow or stop the vehicle if the driver does not take action in time.

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New Braunfels car crash attorneysWhiplash, which most often occurs in rear-end collisions, is usually a temporary injury. However, an estimated 25 percent develop chronic, debilitating pain that can last for months, sometimes even years. Sadly, these same sufferers are often accused of fraud, of “faking” their injuries or somehow trying to get more out of the insurance companies. Thankfully, science may have finally found a way to validate their injuries, and the cause.

Whiplash Still a Highly Misunderstood Condition

To date, medical and scientific understanding of whiplash has been limited. This is due, in part, to the lack of visible signs of injury in victims. Chronic whiplash is even less understood since most other body strains and sprains heal within a matter of weeks. In fact, most doctors must simply diagnose and provide treatment to the best of their abilities, despite truly knowing if chronic whiplash is the cause of their patients’ pain. A new study, conducted by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, could soon change all of that.

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New Braunfels car crash attorneyRecently, the American Academy of Pediatrics increased the age at which children should remain in rear-facing car seats. On the heels of that recommendation came a study that revealed infants in rear-facing car seats could be prone to head injuries in rear-end automobile accidents. Experts have expressed concerns – in both terms of safety and parental compliance – since the publication of that study. Know and understand the risks, and how you can best prevent injury to your child in a rear-end collision.

Why Rear-Facing Until Age Two?

Infants and children under the age of two are still developing neck and back control. Their spines, heads, and internal organs are also still especially prone to injury during this time. Rear-facing child seats help support the head, neck, and spine and can reduce the odds of injuries to internal organs. In fact, according to numerous studies, infants are five times safer riding backwards, thanks to the extra support that rear-facing car seats provide. This is true, despite the recent findings.

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landowner liability, New Braunfels personal injury lawyersAs another school year draws to a close, South Central Texas children will be spending more time on area playgrounds. According to a recent report, these children risk traumatic brain injury almost every time they slide down slides, climb on monkey bars, or swing on swings.

Between 2001 and  2013, over 21,000 children aged 14 and younger were rushed to an emergency room with a TBI. Girls between ages 5 and 9 were the most at-risk group. Only about 4 percent of these victims received any follow-up care, even though injury incidents were higher in the study’s later years.

The study authors strongly recommended that parents inspect the facilities before allowing children to play, especially if they are built atop hard surfaces, like bare ground, asphalt or concrete.

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negligence per se, New Braunfels car crash lawyerIn most negligence matters, including car crashes, landowner liability, and medical malpractice cases, the plaintiff must prove duty, breach, cause in fact, proximate cause, and damages. In some instances, however, a legal shortcut may be available.

Alcohol-related crashes are a good example. Impairment begins with only one drink, in most cases. Such impairment violates the duty of care and, if that breach causes injury, the defendant is liable for damages. But if the defendant had a BAC of .08 or above, a case in civil court might be easier to prove.

Negligence Per Se

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