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Texas accident lawyer, Texas truck accident attorneyRecently, Texas has witnessed a number of dump truck accidents. On January 4, the lower levels of Interstate 10 were closed after an 18-wheel dump truck accidentally released the trailer mechanism, causing the trailer to rise and hit an overhead sign. No injuries occurred, but the highway was closed for nearly six hours to ensure it was safe for motorists. Another dump truck accident that occurred in late December was far more traumatic. A dump truck apparently rolled away from where it was being loaded and ran into a home in Hillsborough, striking a five-year-old boy. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

While dump trucks are necessary vehicles, negligent operation and driving of these trucks can lead to serious and deadly incidents. Individuals who are hurt or lose a loved one in an accident with a dump truck should speak with an experienced Texas personal injury and wrongful death attorney for help filing a claim.

Dump Truck Accident Statistics

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Texas accident lawyer, Texas car crash attorneyLast month, a vehicle carrying the driver and one passenger crashed into a utility pole and gas line in New Braunfels. The accident caused a serious gas leak resulting in a road closure and two home evacuations. Crews worked hours to repair the damage. The driver and passenger both fled the scene of the accident and were later arrested and charged. While property damage may have been minimal outside of the gas leak, the crash is an example of the unexpected damages that can occur from collisions. Negligent drivers can be held liable not only for damage to other individual’s cars during collisions, but also for damage to personal and government property.

Property Damage to a Vehicle

After an auto accident, you are entitled to recover compensation for your damaged vehicle. Most insurance providers will pay out the difference between what your car was worth before the accident versus what it is now worth after the accident. This may simply lead to the insurer paying out the cost of repairing your vehicle or if it is totaled, compensating you for the value of your vehicle.

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Texas car crash lawyer, Texas injury attorneyUnfortunately, vehicle-pedestrian accidents are all too common across Texas. For example, in late December, a Honda Accord ran a red light and was struck by a delivery van on San Jacinto Boulevard in Austin. This impact caused the Accord to collide with a pedestrian within the crosswalk on 15th street. The man was taken to UMC Brackenridge where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

None of the vehicle drivers were charged with a crime the day of the crash, but local authorities are investigating what happened and who may be responsible for the man’s death. Like all collisions, vehicle-pedestrian accidents range in severity. While some men and women are able to walk away from a crash with minimal harm, others lose their lives. When someone loses their life in a vehicle-pedestrian accident, the family may be able to bring a wrongful death suit in order to recover compensation.

Like all collisions, vehicle-pedestrian accidents range in severity. While some victims are able to walk away from a crash with minimal harm, others lose their lives. When someone loses their life in a vehicle-pedestrian accident, the family may be able to bring a wrongful death suit in order to recover compensation.

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Texas accident attorney, Texas injury lawyerAfter a car accident, you are probably in shock and in pain. Even a relatively minor crash can lead to you slamming forward into the seat belt or the airbag deploying. The pain from the collision can make it difficult to tell if you have broken bones and other serious injuries or whether you are heavily bruised. And unless you have a medical degree, you do not know the signs of hidden trauma like traumatic brain injuries and internal bleeding. You should not simply assume the pain will go away and you will be fine.

Following an auto accident, you should go to the emergency room to get checked out. If you feel well enough and are worried about costs, you can decline the ambulance and have a friend or family member drive you. Just remember to get there as soon as you can. Once you have been checked out, your next best step is to call a New Braunfels personal injury attorney at our law firm. We can handle the insurance claims process and determine whether a personal injury suit is necessary for you to recover compensation.

Reasons to Head to the ER after a Collisions:

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Texas small plane crash, Texas accident attorneyFour individuals in their New Braunfels home were surprised when an ultra-light aircraft crashed into their roof. The pilot of the plane was trying to land in a nearby field after losing power when he hit an electrical line. The crash led to a small fuel leak that the New Braunfels Fire Department quickly contained and a power outage that was swiftly restored. While none of the five individuals involved were injured, plane crashes lead to serious injuries and deaths every year. Those injured in plane accidents, whether a passenger in a large commercial plane or in a small personal craft, need to work with experienced personal injury lawyers to determine how to recover compensation for their injuries.

Airplane Accidents in the U.S.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 1,290 civil aviation accidents occurred in 2014, causing 444 fatalities and hundreds of additional injuries. The general aviation category, which likely covers the ultra-light aircraft involved in the recent New Braunfels crash, witnessed the most accidents and fatalities in 2014, at 1,223 accidents involving 424 deaths. Of general aviation accidents that year, more than 80 occurred within Texas. There were also two non-scheduled commuter/on-demand carrier accidents and four scheduled air carrier accidents in Texas in 2014.

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