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Texas speed limit, Texas accident lawyerEarlier this month, a Chevrolet Trailblazer was hit from behind by an 18-wheeler on I-35 North near Kohlenberg. The reason for the crash appears to be that the SUV was traveling at approximately 20 mph while the semi-truck was moving at 70 mph and did not notice the SUVs slow pace. The individuals involved in the crash were not seriously injured, but incidents like this often lead to personal injury claims. When drivers move too slowly on highways, they obstruct the flow of traffic and increase the risk of accidents.

Texas Law Regarding Minimum Speed

You know there is such a thing as driving too fast - but did you know it is possible for motorists to drive too slowly? Section 545.363 of the Texas Transportation Code lays out minimum speed regulations for the state. It says anyone operating a vehicle may not drive so slowly as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when doing so is necessary for safe operation in compliance with the law. In some situations, there will be a minimum speed limit posted. This is usually for highways where incidents like the one mentioned above are a possibility. No motorist is allowed to drive slower than the minimum posted limit except to obey the law in some other way or for safety reasons.

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Texas injury attorney, Texas defective product lawyerOn September 15, an official recall went out for all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold before the recall date. This Samsung model, a competitor of the iPhone, has been plagued since its release with reports that the batteries in the phones not only overheat, but they may catch fire. The recall notice states about one million phones were sold throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. There have been 92 reports of batteries overheating. Because of the potential for injury, the Consumer Product Safety Commission states consumers of these phones should immediately stop using the device and contact their wireless carrier to receive a new phone or a refund.

Defective Batteries Cause Injuries

A phone’s battery overheating is a big deal when people expect their cells phones to work 24 hours per day. But this recall was even more important than battery life because the Galaxy Note 7’s defective batteries led to 26 reports of burns on users and 55 reports of property damage, including fires in some users’ cars or garages. The phone apparently becomes too hot during charging, but some injuries have occurred while the phone was in someone’s pocket.

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Texas injury attorney, Texas car crash lawyerA rollover crash occurred on the access road near West Military Drive and Highway 90 last month. The driver of the SUV lost control of the vehicle and went into a ditch. When the SUV flipped, the driver was thrown from the car and killed. The passenger, the driver’s girlfriend, was sleeping during the drive and is recovering from her injuries.

Rollover Crashes

Rollover accidents that include one or more vehicles are a serious problem on roads across the U.S. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, rollover crashes have a higher risk of fatalities than any other type of crash. These types of crashes account for one-third of all car accident deaths. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported 6,863 people died in rollover crashes in 2014, and 28 percent of these accidents didn’t involve another impact.

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Texas accident lawyer, Texas injury attorneyThe minutes that follow a collision can feel like a blur. Once the accident happens, your mind and body are wrestling with shock and the compelling need to take some sort of immediate action. What you refrain from doing after a car accident, however, can be just as important, if not more so, when it comes to protecting your best interests.

Here are five things every driver should avoid after a crash:

1. Hit and Run - Whatever you do, be sure to remain at the scene. Never flee the accident, whether you were the one to hit the other driver or not. Your presence is vital in reporting the details of the crash, as well as in protecting the wellbeing of every other driver involved in the collision. In addition, fines and penalties for hit and runs can be severe. Do not make matters worse by avoiding the aftermath of the accident.

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Texas injury lawyer, Texas car crash attorneyThe topic of red light cameras is an ongoing debate right here, in the state of Texas, and all across the nation. The controversy reaches far and wide, with arguments that the cameras really do help reduce the number of car wrecks at intersections to convictions that they exist simply to generate revenue. Multiple publications across the country have published pieces that point out the undeniable pros and cons of camera installation, proving that one thing is for sure: Red light cameras offer a number of advantages, but studies show they have significant drawbacks, too.

Hopes for the Technology

Red light camera technology is backed by the concept that by catching those who run red lights and ticketing them for the violation, we can discourage the behavior of running red lights, thus decreasing the number of car accidents at intersections. Sounds good in theory, but the question has been, and continues to be: Is this type of camera enforcement effective when it comes to safety?

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