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Much like strong walls are made from solid bricks, successful truck wreck cases are built with solid facts. To continue the analogy, it is an investigator’s job to collect as many facts as possible, and an attorney’s job to select the most favorable facts and assemble them in the best way possible. However, today’s investigator is just as likely to be a person with a lab coat as a 1980s TV detective with a fast car, quick wit, and a sharp tongue.

Established Methods

In many respects, the most important investigator is the victim. If possible, get the name and contact information of all witnesses. Take pictures as well, not only of the damage to the car and any personal injuries, but also of the surrounding area.

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Effective last September, all new passenger vehicles sold in San Antonio and around the country must have an Event Data Recorder. These “black boxes” record vital information, so they can give an accurate statistical profile of the events immediately prior to a “Crash”. But, unless an attorney acts quickly, this important evidence may be “Gone with the Wind.”


Black boxes have been standard equipment in airplanes for a number of decades. The trucking industry has resisted calls to make these devices mandatory, citing the installation costs. But vehicle manufacturers are all too happy to pass the cost along to consumers.

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There is a saying among police officers, at least the ones on TV, that the first 48 hours after a serious crime is the most critical period of an investigation because the trail quickly becomes cold. Although the window in a personal injury case is not quite as small, but the first few days after a car accident are very important. The more work a lawyer does during this period, the greater your chances of recovering fair compensation later.

The First Call

When you reach for your cell phone after an accident, don’t call the insurance company. Call a lawyer instead. Later, when you call your insurance company, report the accident but do not give details. You may accidentally say something that can be used against you later, or the representative from the insurance company may “remember” the call a bit differently.

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Two people are dead after a serious car crash on the North Side, when their car skidded across a median into oncoming traffic. The driver admitted to police that he was under the influence of marijuana at the time.

The 19-year-old man was southbound on U.S. 281 near Sonterra Boulevard when he apparently lost control of his Lexus. The car rumbled across a grassy median and broke through a protective cable before it became airborne and landed into oncoming traffic on the opposite side of 281. The Lexus crashed into a Toyota head-on, and the force of the impact split the Lexus in half.

A 17-year-old man and a 20-year-old man, both passengers in the Lexus, were declared dead at the scene. The two people inside the Toyota were rushed to a local hospital in critical condition, as was the 19-year-old Lexus driver. According to police, the driver will be charged with multiple counts of intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter.

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reckless chase, Texas personal injury attorney, Texas car crash lawyer,Statistically, 150 innocent bystanders a year die in reckless high-speed police chases. Since the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration relies on voluntary reporting to compile the number, the actual casualty figure may be quite a bit higher, since police officers are often reluctant to “tattle” on fellow employees. Over 90 percent of these chases are for non-violent crimes; in fact, over 40 percent are over a traffic ticket. Recently, there was an extremely reckless high speed police chase just a few miles north of here. A Waco man died after a high-speed police chase ended with a one-sided shootout alongside Interstate 35 near Hewitt. Waco police state that they staked out the residence of a suspect in several area convenience store robberies. When the man returned to his East Waco residence one day shortly after noon, he spotted officers and fled the scene in a green Ford Expedition. He led officers onto southbound Interstate 35 at speeds exceeding 80 mph. The man eventually ran his vehicle into a ditch when officers attempted to puncture his tires. Officers then converged on the disabled vehicle and fired an “undisclosed” number of times. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. It was unclear whether the officers shot the man while he was inside the car or after he attempted to flee on foot. Although officers state that the man was carrying a handgun, it is also unclear whether he raised or fired the weapon. A police sergeant remarked that it was “fortunate that no officers or civilians were injured.” Texas Rangers are scheduled to investigate the incident.

High-Speed Police Chase

Police officers obviously do not have a duty to obey traffic laws during a pursuit and some chases are necessary. But they do have a duty to avoid recklessly endangering civilians during these incidents. The high-speed chase in Waco along a busy freeway during daylight hours, followed by the subsequent shootout that took place under questionable circumstances, may be a good example of reckless behavior. Many individual law enforcement agencies have written policies concerning high-speed chases. If officers disregard these written policies and go all-out to “catch the bad guy,” that act is often clear evidence of recklessness. Damages in a high-speed chase can include compensation for both economic and non-economic losses, as well as punitive damages in some cases. Police officers should uphold the law at all times if at all possible. For a free consultation with an experienced New Braunfels personal injury attorney, contact our office. There are no upfront legal fees if we take your case.
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