Many Injured in Texas Car Wrecks Each Year

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2012 | Truck Wrecks

Traffic accidents are common; they can happen to anyone. Although some auto accidents are minor, the US Census Bureau reports, that nearly one-third of auto accidents result in personal injury each year. In Texas alone, someone is injured in an motor vehicle accident every 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

In 2010, the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) reported that 12,053 Texas motor vehicles were involved in an auto collision that resulted in serious injuries. Texas car crashes can cause a multitude of injuries such as bone fractures, impairments, damage to limbs, organs, body systems, and potential danger during pregnancies. Even when a motor vehicle accident doesn’t result in serious injuries or death, the results can still be devastating. Those injured in Texas car wrecks could suffer serious injuries that cause them to miss work, losing pay – and sometimes their jobs. Texas car accident victims often run up high medical bills and could require long-term medical treatment or therapy.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to prevent a car accident from happening. Even the safest driver could become the victim of a car or truck accident. Yet, not everyone who has been injured in a Texas auto wreck obtains the full amount of compensation to which they’re entitled. If you’ve been injured in a Texas car wreck, hiring a top New Braunfels auto accident attorney is key to getting what you deserve. Don’t accept an insurance company’s settlement offer without contacting a New Braunfels, Texas, car wreck lawyer today to discuss case.