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New Braunfels Head-On Crash Lawyer

Head-On Truck Wreck Attorney in Seguin, Comal County, and Throughout South Central Texas

75% of head-on crashes occur on undivided two-lane highways in rural areas, and these types of roads crisscross many areas of South Central Texas, especially around Seguin, New Braunfels, and Comal County. These collisions are so dangerous because the force is multiplied; for example, when two vehicles that are each traveling 60 mph crash into each other, the people inside those cars are subject to 120 mph of force, which is well beyond the level that most people can bear. In fact, although head-on crashes account for only 2% of vehicle collisions, they make up 10% of roadway fatalities.

If you were hurt in a head-on crash with a semitruck, the compassionate team at The Bettersworth Law Firm understands your pain and suffering. We will take the time necessary to meet with you, answer your questions, and lay out a plan of action for your truck wreck case. Then, we will successfully communicate that compassion during settlement negotiations and at trial to help ensure maximum compensation for your loss.

Causes of a Head-On Truck Crash

Whereas many urban wrecks may involve at least some contributory negligence, practically all head-on truck collisions are completely the negligent driver's fault, because these crashes are fairly easy to avoid if the driver is alert and cautious. Although every case is different, there are a few common causes, including:

  • Passing improperly: The Texas Transportation Code clearly sets forth laws regarding legal and illegal passing. An infraction is conclusive evidence of negligence in many cases.
  • Driving the wrong way: Impaired drivers and those unfamiliar with the area are among those most likely to drive the wrong way down a highway. Other times, a driver may think that a "quick shortcut" could not possibly hurt anyone.
  • Veering out of lane: It only takes a momentary distraction, such as a quick glimpse of scenery or a few flips of the radio dial, to drift a few degrees into oncoming traffic.
  • Driving while impaired: Alcohol, drugs, fatigue, or some combination of the three can impair judgment and motor skills and make driving difficult or impossible.

Negligent drivers who engage in these behaviors often panic at the moment of truth, making a bad situation even worse.

Damages in a Head-On Crash

Due to the serious nature of their injuries, victims of head-on truck collisions are often entitled to significant financial compensation, including:

  • Property damage: Typically, a head-on collision transforms an expensive automobile into a twisted pile of metal.
  • Economic loss: In addition to prior lost wages and medical bills, victims are entitled to compensation for future anticipated losses. Attorneys often partner with financial professionals to accurately estimate these expenses.
  • Noneconomic loss: This category includes intangible damages like pain and suffering, loss of companionship, loss of household services, and loss of enjoyment in life.
  • Punitive damages: If the defendant was particularly reckless, this award may be appropriate in some cases.

The negligent driver's insurance company is nearly always obligated to pay damages, so insolvency is rarely an issue.

What Options Do Victims Have if They Were Paralyzed or Otherwise Disabled?

Head-on truck crashes, when not fatal, are highly likely to result in paralysis or other forms of permanent disability. In addition to seeking coverage of medical expenses and other damages listed above, victims can also sue for:

  • Loss of earning capacity, if they are unable to continue working in the same job/field or working at all
  • Costs of disability-related modifications to the victim's home, car, and other spaces
  • Years or a lifetime of physical therapy and rehabilitation to maximize remaining physical functions

The specific damages available are unique to each case. Working with a skilled attorney is the best way to ensure maximum compensation.

Do Truck Drivers Suffer Injuries in Head-On Crashes?

One of the bitter ironies of many truck accidents is that the drivers who cause them can often walk away without a scratch, while those in the other vehicle suffer catastrophic injuries or wrongful death. Truck drivers do sometimes get injured or are even killed, but this is most likely to happen in cases where they strike another truck or an immovable stationary object like a bridge.

To be sure, it is not right or just for anyone to be injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident. But perhaps truck drivers would be especially careful if they knew they personally had more to lose in a crash.

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The busy two-lane rural roads in South Central Texas can be very dangerous. For a free consultation to address injuries suffered in a head-on collision with a commercial truck, contact The Bettersworth Law Firm at 830-606-0404. Attorney James Bettersworth maintains a Superb rating on Avvo, a reputable client and peer evaluation legal database.

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