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Construction Negligence Attorney in Seguin, Guadalupe County, and Comal County

Serious construction accidents are nearly inevitable in South Central Texas, given the nearly constant stream of construction in the area. The combination of inexperienced workers who are often poorly trained and the extremely competitive landscape of the local construction industry can be a recipe for disaster. Workers may be injured on construction sites, and innocent bystanders are also at risk from falling objects, motor vehicle crashes, and a host of other hazards. Injured workers are eligible for cash benefits through workers' compensation, and a civil suit may also be in order in some cases. Injured bystanders may take their claim for economic and noneconomic damages directly to a courtroom.

The compassionate attorneys at The Bettersworth Law Firm understand the life-altering emotional and financial consequences of a sudden personal injury. We will take the time to discuss your case thoroughly with you and answer any questions you may have. Then, we will prepare a concrete plan of action that is designed to get you the maximum amount of compensation allowable under the circumstances.

Representation for Injured Bystanders

Serious construction-related accidents can occur both on and off the job site. Because they have no training, no warning, and no access to safety equipment, nonworkers are particularly vulnerable to injury from:

  • Falling objects: The old adage about a penny transforming into a lethal object when dropped from the top of the Empire State Building is at least partially true. Tools and equipment dropped by workers on scaffolding may plummet onto sidewalks below.
  • Motor vehicle crashes: Huge trucks, noisy job sites, and poor lines of sight often combine to create serious collisions.
  • Dangerous walkways: Small objects that find their way onto the sidewalk often lead to slip-and-fall accidents, especially when light or visibility is poor.
  • Contaminant inhalation: Exposure to dust and debris can lead to breathing difficulties, and exposure to asbestos fibers, which are present in most older buildings, is potentially lethal.

Construction companies, property owners, and others who manage operations on construction sites have a legal duty to prevent foreseeable accidents, and those that fail, or refuse, to do so must pay monetary damages.

Who Could Be Held Liable When a Passerby Is Injured at a Construction Site?

Typically, the first place to assign liability is the property owner/manager. They are ultimately responsible for what happens on the property, even while it is under construction. There are also dozens and sometimes hundreds of workers at a construction site, and they may be working for numerous employers. Any one of those workers and their employers may be considered liable for causing an accident and injuries to passersby.

These cases can be complex, but our firm will conduct a thorough investigation and help you hold all negligent parties accountable.

Help for Injured Workers

There are a variety of issues that can lead to work-related injuries for construction workers. In addition to accidents that can occur on construction sites and cause injuries to workers, workplace assaults are rather common. In many cases, employers fail to properly screen new workers and do not intervene in workplace disputes, and these arguments can explode into violence. As a result of employer negligence, many workers suffer:

  • Trauma injuries: Co-worker assaults, falls from height, and motor vehicle crashes are among the most common workplace trauma injuries.
  • Occupational diseases: In addition to contaminant inhalation, many workers suffer from repetitive stress disorders, joint pain, or back pain.

Workers' compensation provides cash benefits to make up for economic losses. Injured workers may also be able to obtain additional damages in court if they were hurt due to a negligent co-worker, a defective product, or an employer's intentional neglect.

How Common Are Construction Worker Accidents?

Unfortunately, serious injuries and deaths among construction workers are quite common in Texas and nationwide. In 2022 alone, there were 133 construction worker deaths in Texas, which accounted for 23 percent of all workplace deaths. There are thousands more nonfatal injuries each year.

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Construction sites are potentially dangerous places. For a free consultation to learn how we can help you recover compensation for a construction accident, contact The Bettersworth Law Firm today at 830-606-0404. Attorney James Bettersworth belongs to the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, whose members have won multimillion-dollar cases.

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