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New Braunfels Lawyer For Unsecured Loads And Overloaded Truck Accidents

Legal Representation for Truck Wrecks in Comal and Hays Counties, Texas

When one of the many semitrucks traveling on Comal County's roads is involved in a truck accident, it is essential that a thorough investigation takes place. One important aspect of this investigation is an analysis of whether the trucking company and truck driver adhered to the safety rules and regulations regarding the truck's load. This information is critical if a truck accident victim chooses to file a personal injury lawsuit against the truck driver or trucking company. At The Bettersworth Law Firm, we know what information to look for when investigating the circumstances surrounding a truck wreck, and we fight to ensure that our clients will be fully compensated for injuries caused by negligent truck drivers and trucking companies.

Improperly Loaded Trucks Endanger Other Drivers

Overloaded or improperly loaded trucks pose a serious threat to other drivers. If a truck's cargo is not properly secured, all or part of it could fly off and hit other vehicles. Even small items such as gravel can cause damage to other cars when traveling at high speeds, and unsecured larger cargo has the potential to seriously injure those in surrounding vehicles. Overloaded big rigs can be hard for a truck driver to maneuver, and they may even tip over if they become unbalanced. Improperly loaded trucks become even more dangerous when they are combined with other risk factors, such as dangerous roadways or a fatigued truck driver.

Truck Accident Lawsuits Are Complex

Trucking companies are expected to follow the federal regulations set forth to protect drivers from unsecured or overloaded trucks, and truck drivers are also responsible for ensuring that their loads are secure and safe. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

Lawsuits involving unsecured loads or overloaded trucks can become particularly complex when a third-party contractor loaded a truck, which is a common occurrence. It is important that each and every negligent party is held responsible for their actions. That is why victims of 18-wheeler wrecks should hire a Texas lawyer who has experience representing those who have been injured in truck accidents.

Who Would Be Named as Defendants in a Truck Accident Suit Alleging Improperly Loaded Cargo?

As noted above, these types of lawsuits can be complex, because they involve numerous parties who were responsible for loading, securing, and inspecting cargo. Defendants could include:

  • Warehouse workers who loaded the trucks with cargo
  • The company paying to transport the cargo
  • The truck driver
  • The truck driver's company (if different from the parties above)
  • Any auto repair shops that worked on the truck but failed to address broken anchor points for tie-down straps and other safety gear
  • Manufacturers of tie-down/ratchet straps that did support the weight loads advertised

As you can see, this type of investigation requires the help of a skilled truck accident attorney.

Will All Named Defendants Remain Part of the Lawsuit?

It is common practice for attorneys to "cast a wide net" when naming defendants in complex litigation. It is equally common for individual parties to be removed as defendants with the permission of a judge if it can be demonstrated that they were not liable. Naming numerous defendants is often necessary to fully investigate the crash and determine who was to blame.

Contact Our Comal County Unsecured Cargo Truck Wreck Attorney

If you have suffered damages due to a negligently loaded truck, call an experienced New Braunfels truck wreck lawyer at 830-606-0404. The average Comal County personal injury lawyer may not be aware of the intricacies of truck accidents and trucking law. Our skilled and knowledgeable Texas truck crash attorney at The Bettersworth Law Firm offers free consultations to truck accident victims. Contact us today.

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