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Assisting Dog Bite Injury Victims in Guadalupe County, Seguin, Comal County, and Hays County

Dogs can be vicious, and their bites or attacks can inflict serious injuries, including lacerations, puncture wounds, broken bones, infections, and disfigurement. Even dogs that are considered to be friendly and have never displayed aggressive tendencies may suddenly attack someone without warning. These situations can be very traumatic, and victims may be unsure about their legal options. At The Bettersworth Law Firm, we assist clients who have been injured by dog bites or other animal attacks. Our Texas dog bite attorney can help answer the following questions:

What Is the Law Regarding Animal Attacks?

All property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure their property is safe. This rule applies to land, homes, and also pets. If an owner does not take necessary precautions to protect others who come in contact with their property, they can be sued if any problems occur, and they may be required to pay compensation for a person's injuries and damages. This holds true whether you have been victimized by a dog, cat, or any other type of animal. You may be eligible to sue the owner for injuries.

Have You Been Victimized By an Animal?

If you have been attacked by a dog or other animal, you may be unsure about the laws governing dog attacks and how to proceed as you address the injuries and damages you have suffered. Under Texas law, owners are solely responsible for the actions of their pets. This means that if you are bitten, scratched, or injured in any way, then you can take legal action against the dog's owner.

Such legal action could include suing the owner for medical bills, income lost due to time off of work, pain and suffering, or anything else that has resulted from the attack. You must, however, be able to prove the animal is either dangerous or that the owner had reasonable knowledge of its predisposition to attack people. If you can demonstrate that the owner was negligent and failed to take reasonable steps to protect you against an attack by a dog that had bitten people in the past, you can hold the owner responsible for your injuries.

You might be wondering if your case qualifies for legal action. If so, please do not hesitate to contact The Bettersworth Law Firm today at 830-606-0404 for a free consultation. We will be happy to assess your situation and determine whether you have a case. If you are eligible for damage recovery, we will take care of all the necessary paperwork and legal documentation.

Does the Dog Bite or Attack Need to Occur on the Owner's Property to Be Compensable?

Although dog bites fall under a subset of personal injury law known as premises liability, not all dog bites and attacks will occur on the premises of the dog owner. For instance, your neighbor may have a dangerous dog that breaks free of its leash, runs into your yard, and attacks your child. The attack occurred on your property, but the dog owner could still be held liable for failure to properly restrain their dog.

Each case is unique, so it is important to discuss the details with an attorney to better understand your legal options.

How Might the Dog's Owner Try to Defend Against Liability?

There are two common arguments defendants use in dog-bite cases. First, owners often try to claim that they had no way of knowing the dog was dangerous because it had not previously bitten or attacked anyone. The second defense is to claim that you were trespassing on their property when the attack occurred. If you were not legally allowed on the property, the animal attack could be viewed as justified.

There are ways to counter both of these arguments with the help of an experienced attorney. We can discuss the details during your free initial consultation.

Contact Our Experienced New Braunfels, Texas Dog Bite Attorney

If you or someone you know has been victimized by an animal, and you are considering legal action, it is critical that you enlist the help of an experienced litigator. An attorney will help to determine if going through this process will be worth your while.

At The Bettersworth Law Firm, you will not be charged any legal fees until there has been a settlement or verdict made in your case. We have extensive experience in personal injury cases, auto accidents, property liability, and numerous other areas involving accidents and injuries. We will fight for what you deserve. Contact us at 830-606-0404 to schedule your free consultation today.

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