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When business owners and companies become involved in legal disputes, they will need to determine the best steps to take to protect their rights and interests. Disputes may involve financial losses, illegal actions by another party, issues that affect a company's reputation, or legal and financial concerns that can affect the future of a company. In commercial litigation, companies have a great deal riding on their representation. They need to have the assurance that their legal team can manage the issues ahead of them appropriately and effectively. If you are heading to court over a business dispute, you want a legal team that understands the complexities of commercial litigation.

At The Bettersworth Law Firm, our attorney has extensive experience in commercial litigation matters concerning breach of contract issues, deceptive trade practices, and more. We are selective about the cases we take on, and we provide each client with our total attention and direct lines of communication. We will advise you of your rights and options, working to resolve your case as efficiently as possible. However, we will always advocate for solutions that will meet your needs, and in addition to resolving issues through negotiation, we can provide you with aggressive representation in the courtroom.

Complex Issues in Contract Breaches

While breach of contract issues are common, complications often reflect the high stakes of the case. Multiple parties may fail to meet their contractual obligations, including employees, partners, vendors, suppliers, or clients. Determining the correct response to take in these situations is not always easy. As you address contract disputes, you may need to address:

  • The exact nature of the breach: In some cases, breaches may be minor, and they may not affect the contract as a whole, but they may still result in financial losses or other issues. In others, a material breach of contract may be so significant that it can make a contract impossible to fulfill. Whether a breach was related to another party's nonperformance, or a case involves an anticipatory breach in which a party knows that they will be unable to fulfill the contract's terms, we can help you determine how to address these issues and protect your interests.
  • The scope of the possible damages in the lawsuit - Depending on the nature of a breach, you may be able to recover compensation for the damages you have suffered, such as financial losses or harm to your company's reputation. In some cases, you may be able to compel the other party to meet their obligations under the contract.
  • Allegations of bad faith: If you can show that the other party entered into a contract in bad faith, with no intention to carry out their obligations, we can help you determine whether it may be possible to cancel the contract, and we can ensure that the proper actions are taken to restore you to the position you were in before signing the agreement.

Our attorney can review the matter at hand and offer insight into the legal processes ahead. We will fight for an optimal outcome on your behalf.

Combating Deceptive Trade Practices

Businesses must battle every day for market share. While the law in Texas enforces a fair market for all, there are often companies that manipulate their marketing to utilize deceptive trade practices, such as:

  • Deceptive advertising
  • Defaming competitors
  • Withholding essential information regarding products sold
  • Price gouging

We represent companies that have been victimized by deceptive trade practices, and we can also provide assistance to those who have been accused of these violations. Our experience in these issues allows us to respond efficiently. Our lawyer has the knowledge and understanding of Texas trade protection law to impact your cases.

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