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New Braunfels, TX Dangerous Road Conditions Attorney

Dangerous Road Conditions Attorney in New Braunfels

Primarily due to excessive wear and tear, many key stretches of Interstate 35, Interstate 10, and other major thoroughfares in South Central Texas are in a near-constant state of disrepair. All too often, these dangerous road conditions cause serious car and truck crashes, and in these situations, multiple parties may be liable for damages. In these situations, it is critically important to identify and sue the correct entities or persons, because mistakes commonly lead to frustrating and costly delays, not to mention the possible loss of a claim.

The courageous team at The Bettersworth Law Firm does not back down from massive government bureaucracies, stingy insurance companies, or any other possible defendants. We stand firm during protracted settlement negotiations and lengthy trials, and we do not retreat from adversity. Our steadfast commitment to excellence is by far the best way to help ensure the maximum compensation in a personal injury case.

Construction Zone Truck Wrecks

Even Texas roadways that are in the process of being repaired can be dangerous to those driving on them. Construction areas are not always clearly marked, and drivers may unknowingly head into unsafe sections of the roadway. Improperly stored construction equipment is also a frequent hazard. Construction crews are not immune from the duty of reasonable care, and lackadaisical workers must be held accountable for the damages they cause.

Under the Texas Tort Claims Act, injured victims may sue the state for the negligent conduct of its employees if the damage involved the use of a motor vehicle such as a dump truck, excavator, grader, or bulldozer and a tangible property condition. Important notice requirements also apply in these situations. Independent contractors who perform work at the state's request are in a different category altogether.

Driver Negligence

Even if the construction zone is clearly marked, and the workers are careful, these areas still create serious hazards. For various reasons, such as distraction or fatigue, truck drivers often fail to heed warning signs and adjust their speeds to navigate through these areas safely. Barreling through a construction zone at 60 mph is every bit as dangerous as traveling 90 mph on a crowded road.

The same principle applies to potholes, large potholes, pavement edge drops, and grade crossings, not to mention tall bushes and weeds or poorly placed signs. Regardless of whether or not the state has a duty to address these issues, truck drivers have a duty to avoid these dangers.

If the driver worked for an out-of-state trucking company, as is often the case, that company is typically responsible for damages that the driver caused under a third-party liability theory like respondeat superior, negligent hiring, or negligent supervision.

How Common Are Motor Vehicle Crashes in Work Zones?

This is a far more serious problem than most people realize, according to statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation. In 2022 alone, there were over 25,000 crashes in Texas work zones. Those wrecks resulted in 205 deaths and 788 serious injuries.

Most of these accidents were caused by three easily preventable behaviors: speeding, unsafe lane changes, and driver inattention. When a truck driver causes a crash for any of these reasons, the results are likely to be especially catastrophic.

How Do You Determine Fault After a Construction Zone Crash?

As noted above, construction zones are chaotic, and numerous parties could be responsible for causing a crash, including construction workers, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, and other drivers. One party could be fully to blame, or several parties may have been negligent.

The best way to determine liability is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who can conduct a thorough and independent investigation into the crash. Construction companies and trucking companies may try to cover up their own negligence and liability, but a good attorney will have the skills and legal tools necessary to expose the truth.

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