National Distracted Drivers Awareness Month and San Antonio Texting Law

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2012 | Car Wrecks

The Texas Department of Transportation has dedicated the month of April to bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving. The Department’s message is when you are driving being safe should be your only focus because distractions can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Although since cars came onto the road, distractions frequently have taken drivers’ eyes off the road, now that texting has become so commonplace, distracted driving is all the rage. Last year, Texas Governor Rick Perry, voted against a statewide ban on texting while driving. His view, which is shared by many, is that the government should not interfere with citizens’ daily activities and that such a statewide law would be too intrusive. Simply because there is no state law outlawing driving while texting does not mean that Texas localities have not outlawed the practice. For example, San Antonio councilmen Philip Cortez helped to pass a local ordinance in San Antonio prohibiting texting while driving. Cortez has stated, “All of us have been on the road and we see a car slowing down or swerving, and we pull up next to them and see somebody looking down using their phone or typing a message…It’s unbelievable what you can do with these devices now. You can watch YouTube, check email and Facebook. So, with technology exploding as it has, people are taking it everywhere including behind the wheel.” Cortez, as well as other lawmakers who pass similar laws, believe that prohibiting texting while driving will lead to fewer car, truck and motorcycle accidents and therefore will lead to fewer injuries to other drivers. If you have been in accident with another driver who was distracted for any reason, a top New Braunfels car accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact New Braunfels personal injury law firm The Bettersworth Law Firm for advice.