Suburban San Antonio School Bus Crashes with Pontiac Grand Prix

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2012 | Car Wrecks

On the morning of April 3, 2012, a Harlandale Independent School Bus that had seven special needs children aboard collided with a Pontiac Grand Prix at about 7:20 am. The bus was proceeding along its daily route of transporting the children to two different schools – Leal Middle School and Collier Elementary. According to, the bus made a wide turn onto Somerset Road from Gerald when it crashed into the Pontiac, which was on the wrong side of the road. The bus had a large dent on the front driver’s side. The driver’s door of the Pontiac appeared to be completely destroyed. A man who heard the crash stated that the crash was “pretty much like a bomb. Yeah, you can hear it. I mean, it was just, like, a big impact.”

Paramedics examined all the children for injuries. Luckily, the seven children and the bus driver, 60 year old Elloy Guerra, who were abroad the bus escaped unscathed.

The 21-year-old driver of the Pontiac, 21 years old, and her passenger, who was her mother, were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of some minor injuries. The driver’s leg broke from the impact and her passenger injured her arm. Both are expected to make a full recovery.

The San Antonio Police Department is continuing to investigate the accident. No citations have been issued because witness stories of the events are inconsistent.

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