Three Car Accident in Seguin Injures Two

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2012 | Car Wrecks

A multiple vehicle wreck, which occurred on Wednesday March 28, 2012 at about 4:00pm, involved three vehicles on the outskirts of Seguin on Interstate 10. According to the chain of events began when the driver of a Chevy Impala, Gabriel Trevino, a resident of San Antonio, rear ended a Toyota Avalon driven by Billy Bailey, a resident of Brownfield, Texas. The collision caused Bailey to lose control of his car and he rear-ended a Jeep Liberty driven by Kenna Schievelbein, a resident of Seguin.

This domino-effect collision all began when the three vehicles that were traveling westbound entered a construction zone where the right lane of Interstate 10 was closed. Due to the right lane closure, all three vehicles attempted to switch lanes simultaneously. Trevino did not slow down timely and collided with Bailey’s vehicle, and Bailey’s vehicle collided with Ms. Schievelbein’s Jeep. The vehicles landed on the right berm. Only two of those involved in the accident, Mr. Bailey and his passenger, required medical attention and were immediately transported to Guadalupe Regional Medical Center.

As the accident happened right outside of Seguin, Billy Watson of the Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating the collision. Watson expects to issue citations to the faulty party after he thoroughly investigates.

If you are involved in a multiple vehicle wreck in Comal County, you are likely to experience pain even if you do not feel pain immediately following the accident. Eventually, it is likely that you will need medical attention. Be sure to discuss your car accident with a top Seguin, Texas car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your collision.