Three Wrecks on I-35 in One Day

On Behalf of | May 13, 2012 | Truck Wrecks

As anyone who travels through Comal County on a regular basis likely knows, Texas’s Interstate 35 is a busy highway and the scene of numerous car wrecks, both minor and serious, each month.

As reported by New Braunfel’s KNGB, three accidents happened here on the same day, Sunday April 29, injuring numerous people and causing significant delays in traffic in the area. The first crash took place just north of New Braunfels, when a small vehicle apparently swerved to avoid hitting another car, then bounced off the center divider, shooting across multiple lanes of traffic, and landing on the outside shoulder of I-35. The car’s driver was taken to a Bexar County hospital with unknown injuries.

A short time later, just south of the scene of the first accident, another vehicle hit the center retaining wall. Luckily, no one was injured in this wreck, although the combination of the two accidents delayed traffic on I-35.

The third car wreck happened in the late afternoon on northbound Interstate 35, when a passenger vehicle drove under a big-rig. The front of the car was sliced off by the semi-truck’s tires. Although the two females in the car were taken to a New Braunfels hospital, reportedly their injuries are minor.

Comal County is home to many vehicle wrecks each year. Those involved in these Texas car and truck accidents should always consult with an experienced New Braunfels accident injury lawyer to discuss a potential settlement or the filing of a personal injury case against the responsible party