McAllen Police Chase Ends in Flames

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2012 | Personal Injury

On May 26, 2012, the residents of McAllen’s Padre de Vida Apartments were shaken up Saturday evening by a deadly car accident. One resident reported that everyone could hear the crash inside their homes, which caused them to come rushing to the scene.

This accident could have been even more tragic if an iron fence had not stopped the car. Just beyond where the car came to a stop and burst into flames were the living rooms and bedrooms of several residents. This horrific accident was the result of a police chase through the tiny streets of McAllen, Texas. For the residents of the apartment complex, this was a personal injury claim just waiting to happen.

The sharp curve in the road has been complained about many times, and the complaints have yet to yield a change. One resident reported that there are always vehicles speeding and taking the curve too fast. Many local residents are in fear of their children’s lives as well as their own.

Now that they have witnessed this fatal automobile accident literally at their front doors, they want something done about it now. If it just a matter of time before another accident happens and the next time they are afraid it may be one of their kids.

The McAllen Police Department has yet to make a statement about the chase that lead to this personal injury nightmare. Nor have they released any details, such as the deceased driver’s identity.

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