Memorial Day Traffic Incident Almost Turns Into Injury

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2012 | Personal Injury

For residents of the New Braunfels area, summertime fun in the sun has always involved tubing on one of the area’s snaking rivers. Yet according to the Lockhart Post-Register, an argument on Memorial Day weekend “nearly turned violent in Martindale, prompting the Caldwell County Commissioners’ Court to reconsider their timeline for installation of traffic control devices on Meadow Lane and Spring River Drive in Martindale.”

Recently, the communities of Bexar County and New Braunfels have tightened restrictions on tubing, though the traffic from the burst of tubing businesses has been an injury hazard for several community residents. According to the Post-Register, the increase in traffic has caused residents to worry “that possibly intoxicated drivers are speeding near the homes where their children and pets play.” Not only must community residents worry about their livelihood being impacted by drunk drivers, there’s also the worry of laws—such as “no glass” on the rivers—being disobeyed and resulting in personal injury as well.

On Memorial Day weekend, one resident of the area shouted at a driver to “slow down!” and was, according to the article, “attacked in his yard when the driver exited his vehicle and began an altercation.” While the resident was not named in the article, the incident has led to a renewed discussion of traffic signs to reduce the chance of injury to community residents such as the man attacked over the holiday weekend.

These types of incidents need not go unnoticed, for it’s only so long before one such occurrence could turn into an injury. If you or someone you know has been personally injured as a result of the surge of new tubing business or the crowds this business attracts, contact a dedicated New Braunfels injury attorney today. Don’t go through it alone.