Severe two Vehicle Accident in a Parking Lot

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2012 | Personal Injury

When I go out Saturday night to a restaurant, I may order a T-bone steak, but I surely will not order a T-bone motor vehicle accident. A T-bone motor vehicle crash is when a vehicle, usually at an intersection, crashes the side of another vehicle, forming the shape of a T. Due to the side impact, injuries are often severe. Further, the vehicles often hook onto each other and many times the vehicles, while connected, spin out of control on the roadway. When the vehicles do not attach, the vehicle that was impacted could flip over from the impact.

According to KGNB news, recently a T-bone accident occurred in New Braunfels, Texas at the Creekside Shopping Center that is located just off the northbound I-35 access road near FM 306. A passenger vehicle was struck on its side by a Suburban in the parking lot of a Subway sandwich shop. The driver of the passenger car was trapped inside the vehicle, which is fairly common in a T-bone accident. Fire and other emergency crews immediately arrived on the scene and had to extricate the trapped driver from his vehicle by cutting off the roof of the vehicles and the driver’s side door before reaching the driver. The driver was airlifted by a helicopter to University Hospital in San Antonio and is expected to survive.

Even though this T-bone accident was not as severe as others because it occurred in a parking lot, the driver is likely to experience ongoing physical complications from the accident, such as a sprains and continuous soreness in his legs, neck and back. He will most likely require ongoing medical treatment and physical therapy.

If you have been in car crash, the driver at fault should be held responsible for your injuries. Contact a top New Braunfels attorney who can protect your legal rights.