Two Good Samaritans and Driver Killed in Multiple Car Accident

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2012 | Personal Injury

In an article posted on, there was a devastating accident that set off a chain reaction of other accidents early Monday morning on July 30th. The accident occurred on the northbound lanes of I-35 at around 3 am near Schertz, Texas. A car was traveling the wrong way and slammed into a SUV carrying a family of five. This accident did not cause any serious injuries but set the scene for a distressing event.

By-standers started to rush to the scene from their cars and a nearby rest area. As they tried to help the people affected by the initial crash, three people were killed by a tanker driver who didn’t notice the first car accident. One man, named Hector Cordova, had stopped his bus to assist when he was ran over and killed. Another woman, named Emma Alcudia, was a longtime employee of the rest area who was trying to help the woman who was driving the wrong way. The last person who lost their live was the woman, Kathryn Harvard, who drove her Toyota Camry the wrong way.

Authorities at this time are seeing if alcohol played a role in the accident. The end result of the negligence of the truck driver was the death of three people. A personal injury lawyer must prove that the negligence was the cause of death and there are people who were affected by the loss of a family member to win a case of wrongful death. If you have experienced the loss of a family member, please contact a skilled personal injury lawyer in New Braunfels today.