Reckless Juvenile Driver Runs Over Bicyclist

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2012 | Personal Injury

55-year-old Devan Coulter Smith was killed in a crash on September 27. San Antonio News-Express reported the story in full. Austin Stull, 17, was driving his pickup home from school on West Avenue, north of West Silver Sands Drive. His driving was reckless and indifferent, and according to witnesses Stull was traveling “at nearly 60 mph and weaving in and out of traffic” and “might have run a red light.” In the crash, the victim’s helmet came off, his bike went to pieces and he was flung into the street. Following the crash, the pickup hit a construction sign, drifted along a fence and finally ran into a light pole, snapping it in half. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

San Antonio police detained Stull after the incident. He was released after giving a statement, but he may still face a manslaughter charge. San Antonio has a “safe passing” ordinance that obligates vehicles to stay 3 feet away from cyclists and pedestrians, which the reckless driver completely ignored. One witness describes how Stull behaved after the crash: “He started yelling at the cyclist, saying, ‘Why the (expletive) did you swerve into my lane?’” The victim was an experienced bicyclist who regularly drove in the area and knew the rules.

Sometimes even following traffic regulations and wearing protective helmets is not enough to defend you from harm. The indifference of other people on the road can have unexpected and disastrous consequences. If you or someone you know has been injured in a traffic accident, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact a highly skilled car accident lawyer in New Braunfels, Texas at your earliest convenience.