New Program Reminds Teens to Buckle Up

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2013 | Car Wrecks

Nationally speaking, teen drivers are least likely to wear seat belts, and most likely to be in car accidents. According to, the simple act of buckling up can reduce 45 per cent of fatal crashes for front seat drivers.

The Texas Department of Transportation is trying to address this by impressing upon teen drivers that driving without a seat belt is “uncool.” Especially with spring break, prom, and graduation just around the corner, TxDOT is implementing a “Teen Click It or Ticket” program in over 800 schools in the San Antonio area.

The program itself is costing over $600,000 and targeting almost 800,000 students, as reported on in this article from New Braunfels Herald Zeiting. Participating high schools will receive packets that include parking banners, public address announcements, and other miscellaneous materials geared towards positive seat belt reinforcements.

New Braunfels High School is included in the program, but New Braunfels ISD spokeswoman Stephanie Ferguson mentioned the high school already has some seat belt measures in place. As a part of their Family Career and Community Leaders of America extracurricular program, the students involved will periodically stop random cars as they leave the parking lot to make sure they’re wearing their seat belt. Buckled students receive rewards, but if they’re not, they receive a “Dumdum” sticker.

More information about the Teen Click It or Ticket program can be found here.

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