Texas Family Sues County For Medical Expenses

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2013 | Personal Injury

Last year, Tarrant County Deputy Christopher Dearing was responding to a call about a man who had threatened to kill himself with a knife. While on Silver Creek Azle Road, Dearing pushed his speed to 45 mph and ended up hitting a pickup with a horse trailer attached, causing the truck to overturn in a ditch. The driver of the pickup, Randall Moore, has now accrued over $60,000 worth of medical bills. The Moore family is suing Tarrant County for these and other bills (e.g., the veterinary bills for the three horses in the trailer). Dearing admits that he was driving negligently and caused the crash. He ended up with a broken nose and herniated disks in his neck, and ultimately was given five days leave without pay. However, Moore was treated at an Azle hospital for neck, back, and hip injuries, and later had to undergo surgery. Between the surgery and physical therapy treatments, Moore says he hasn’t been able to work a regular schedule, and most of his extra income is now gone. The Moore’s attorney says in this article from the Forth Worth Star-Telegram that the Moore’s are now suing the county because they stopped paying some of the bills. They had originally tried to reach a settlement before this, and the county states they made a significant offer to try and settle his claims. While Randall Moore suffered the most, physically, from the accident, his wife and two children have also been through a lot. They were driving behind the pickup when it was hit, and still get very emotional when speaking about the crash. The daughter, Kirsten, said after the accident she would have nightmares and wake up screaming. Tammy, Randall’s wife, says she avoids Silver Creek Azle Road now if she can, especially at night. Being involved in a car accident can be very traumatic. If you’ve suffered from a crash, speaking with a personal injury lawyer can help you figure out if you’re entitled to compensation. Our New Braunfels, Texas law firm offers free initial consultations, so contact us today to set up your appointment.