Texas Seeks Statewide Ban of Texting while Driving

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2013 | Personal Injury

Car accidents are commonplace in Texas, with hundreds of thousands occurring each year. The causes range from speeding, weather, drunk driving, sleepiness, and distractions. The last cause can be limited by a ban on texting while driving but the state of Texas has failed to create a statewide ban. Although Texas does currently outlaw texting by drivers under the age of 18, in school zones, and bus drivers who transport children. Certain cities in Texas have also already banned texting while driving, such as Austin and San Antonio. But when Texas lawmakers brought the bill to be signed into law by Governor Rick Perry, he declined. His office commented that “the key to dissuading drivers from texting while driving is information and education, not government micromanagement.” Texas is one of 11 states left in America that has not instituted a complete ban. There is some basis that texting bans are not effective without corresponding education and information. Since Austin enacted a ban over two years ago, the results have been mixed. In 2010, the overall number of car crashes went down by 3,000. Yet accidents caused by distracted drivers increased by 80. It would also help if law enforcement could make some arrests. The Austin police department has only ticketed 26 distracted drivers Dr. Robert Greenberg, who spoke in support of this bill, said that “as an emergency room physician I’ve been involved in the worst days of most people’s lives. The tragedies are worse when they’re avoidable. Texting while driving is avoidable…We need to pass this legislation.” If you or your family has been affected by the negligence of someone else in a car accident, you should receive compensation for your loss. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Comal County today.