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On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2013 | Car Wrecks

Tuesday morning, word had gotten around about the horrific car crash involving two teenagers from Antioch, IL that had happened the night before. Social media, in the high school, was buzzing with tributes to the victims, before the police even confirmed their names, Ashley Seay, 17, and Joel Wittkamp, 16. Some of the students even stayed home from school because they were so upset about the devastating news.

On Monday night, Joel was driving a Chevrolet Trailblazer on Wilmot Road with passenger Ashley when the car swerved off the road and went through a yard before hitting a tree, according to local police. The Lake County coroner’s office confirmed that both victims died at the scene. It is believed by authorities that the crash was due to weather conditions. The deputy chief said that he had to drive through rain and snow to get to the scene of the accident. However, toxicology tests are being conducted. But police said there was no indication of drugs or alcohol being a factor.

School officials at both the schools that Joel and Ashley attended have put a crisis team together for fellow students. The crisis team will follow the class schedule of Joel and Ashley in place of them to be available to any of the students who knew them. Both students were well liked within the community and their high school. Joel’s football coach had the players stay back after practice to reflect on Joel’s life. Teachers who had taught Ashley’s older siblings took the news rather hard, because of how close the family was.

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