Homeowners Insurance and Premises Liability

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2013 | Personal Injury

Accidents are bound to happen. Usually we expect them to occur outside of our homes, however, accidents can happen right in your own home. Even worse yet, you could have people over, whether invited over or not, who can be injured on your property and hold you accountable. Know what your basic insurance coverage is so you can be prepared in case of an accident.

You protect yourself with liability insurance for your vehicle, so it only makes sense for you to cover yourself with home liability insurance. Every insurance carrier is different, as is every insurance policy, so check with your insurance carrier for details. This type of policy is intended to cover the homeowner if someone were to get hurt or incur any type of injury on the homeowner’s property. This type of coverage is meant to protect the homeowner against someone suing for negligence, such as something structural falling and hitting someone. It also covers anything someone 13 years of age or younger does. Dog bites fall under this type of insurance as well, if if the dog does not have a history of being violent. Natural disasters are covered such as if a wind-blown tree knocks into a car.

Unfortunately, some things are not covered. A family member who lives on the property cannot sue as they already are members of that family and not considered guests.

Coverage does not include transmission of communicable diseases or intentional acts of injury or damage. Lastly, if you are a business owner, such as a child care center operator, and you work out of your home, you will need separate insurance for the business. Regular home owner’s insurance does not cover those who are considered clients.

Regardless of whether a homeowner has this type of insurance, anyone who is injured due to negligence is entitled to compensation. If you or a family member has been injured, consider contacting a Texas accident lawyer who is knowledgeable in liability coverage and help you protect your assets.