Man Arrested on Gun and DWI Charges

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2013 | Personal Injury

Ronald Christopher Snider, 35, was arrested and, after being taken to Christus New Braunfels Hospital to have blood drawn, was brought to the Comal County Jail on felony charges involving a DWI accident, according to KGNB News. The incident occurred after New Braunfels police officers were called to deal with a major accident with injuries on Gruene Road, according to KGNB. “When officers arrived,” the radio station reports on its website, “witnesses pointed out that one of the vehicles, a pickup truck, was trying to leave the scene. After quickly pulling the truck over, officers found that the driver at the time of the crash was now in the passenger seat and they believed he showed signs of intoxication.”

Under Texas state law, a person has the right to refuse any breathalyzer or sobriety tests at the scene of an accident, and Snider did just this. Yet also under Texas state law is the No Refusal policy, which allows officers to obtain and follow through with a blood search warrant—why Sider was take to Christus New Braunfels Hospital. Officers “also discovered a 40-caliber handgun inside the truck.” In addition to a Class A misdemeanor charge of DWI (with an open container), Snider also faces a Class A misdemeanor charge of “Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon,” according to KGNB, and “because of the injuries sustained by the passengers of the other vehicle involved in the accident) he was also charged with 2 state jail felony charges of causing an accident involving injury.”

Snider posted his $15,000 bond the day after his arrest.

According to, “for long guns, there is no restriction under Texas state law,” yet carrying a handgun “on or about your person” is illegal. The passenger compartment of a car is considered “about your person,” which is why Snider is facing felony gun charges in addition to the DWI.

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