Plane Crash Causes the Death of Four

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2013 | Airplane Crashes

Although considered a safe way to travel, plane crashes are a reality that is faced daily by pilots, passengers, and people on the ground. According to NBC News, four bodies were recovered after a plane crashed into two Connecticut homes. Among the deceased were two passengers and two boys who were inside one of the homes that was hit.

Authorities have several questions surrounding the cause of the crash; one being the angle that the plane hit the first home. It is reported that no distress call was made prior to the crash. In addition, the plane was completely fueled prior in New Jersey. The weather may have had an influence as it was raining when the airplane crash occurred. Neither weather nor mechanical failure has been confirmed as the cause of the crash.

The neighborhood residents are reportedly in shock and the mother to the two deceased boys was taken to the hospital for observation. According to the report, one resident observed the plane flying low over the area. The neighborhood is close to an airport and it is reported that planes fly at low altitudes. An airplane mechanic who lives nearby reported hearing the hum of the motor and felt the plane was in trouble. The deaths of these four people were unfortunate.

This incident is an example of how aviation accidents do happen and can cause injury to passengers and people on the ground. Aviation accidents can occur due negligence on the part of the crew or pilot, faulty mechanics, or unsafe conditions. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a plane, contact a Texas personal injury attorney experienced in aviation cases. Regardless of the reason, when injuries involving commercial airlines occur, a knowledgeable attorney is required to sort out the complicated federal and state laws surrounding claims.