Finding the Best Nursing Home Facility in New Braunfels, Texas

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2013 | Nursing Home Abuse

There comes a moment when all children realize that mom or dad can no longer safely live within the comforts of their own home. As a member of the growing Sandwich Generation, you have become the encompassing caregiver to both your own family and00990 one or both of your parents.

As you face the difficult question of what your next step may be to ensure safety and quality care, take comfort that A Place for Mom, a non-profit organization connecting families to senior care, lists over 30 senior care options in the New Braunfels, Texas area. Whether you are researching custodial care or assisted living facilities in New Braunfels, all Texas healthcare facilities accepting Medicare must meet federal standards. The Texas Department of State Health Services DSHS) works closely with the CMS Dallas Regional Office regarding all facility certifications. Your next step is the interviewing process. suggests arriving at each facility with a checklist so you can evaluate each facility and later compare scores to make the best possible decision for your loved one. The site also offers sample questions and useful tips in each of the following areas:

  • Healthcare Facility in General
  • Healthcare Facility Management / Staff
  • Quality of Life
  • Quality of Care
  • Nutrition / Hydration
  • Safety

This emotional and sometimes overwhelming process is a hard pill to swallow. For so many years your parents served as your caregiver. As the roles change, you can only hope that you made the best decision for their current health care needs, but it shouldn’t end there. As the now diligent “parent” you should keep tabs on the health care facility to ensure the health and safety of your loved one. If at anytime you feel that the facility has been negligent or you have a specific complaint, you can report suspected waste, fraud or abuse to the HHSC Office of Inspector General either online or by calling 800-436-6184. You may also make report to the Texas State Auditor’s Office by calling 800-TX-AUDIT. Nursing home negligence is a serious crime, and both you and your loved ones have legal rights. If you are uncertain about reporting your concerns, please contact an experienced personal injury attorney in New Braunfels today.