U.S. Regulators Back Efforts To Create Self-Driving Cars

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2013 | Personal Injury

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is behind new efforts to create technology for self-driving cars. Self-driving cars have gotten coverage in the media lately because they may be able to help cut down on the number of auto accidents that lead to serious injuries and death. Self-driving cars are equipped with technology that can help predict collisions before they happen. When drivers are alerted earlier to possible crashes, the driver has more time to adjust his or her own behavior and limit the chances of being in an accident. Regulators believe that it will still be many years before completely autonomous vehicles will be on the road. Right now, these vehicles are still in the testing stages, and regulators believe that more research and information is needed to ensure their safety. Both Nissan and Daimler have already expressed interest in developing autonomous cars. What drivers can expect over the coming years as an increasing number of autonomous programs within the car, although drivers will still be responsible for operating the vehicle. Complete automation of the vehicle is in the distant future. Stakeholders gathered this past week at the Los Angeles Auto Show with a fair mix of excitement and caution surrounding the concept of self-driving cars. Some doubters are concerned that even fully equipped computers inside a vehicle will not be evil to anticipate the reality of traffic in many places across the country. Those involved in developing and supporting autonomous cars do believe that accidents can and will happen with these vehicles, which will make it difficult in the short run to convince drivers of their safety. These cars, however, may go a long way towards reducing devastating car accidents. If you have already been injured in a serious Texas car accident, you need to schedule a consultation with a prominent Texas personal injury lawyer.