Deadly Crash Prompts Fire Engine Recall

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Defective Products

Firefighters face dangers on the job every day – the intense heat from fires, as well as the risk of burns from the flames, becoming trapped from collapsing, burning buildings. There is also the risk from carbon monoxide exposure, as well as other deadly chemicals they may inhale or come in contact with. But now, a recent national recall announcement from a fire engine manufacturer exposes the dangers that one model of fire engine presents to not only the firefighters riding the truck, but to everyone else on the road.

Navistar Inc. has issued a recall notice for all of their International 4800 models which were manufactured between June 1999 and May 2002, which are also equipped with Fabco TC-200 transfer cases. According to the recall notice, there is a chance that the driveshaft of the truck can separate and cause the axle to lock up.

The recall comes as a result of an investigation of a deadly crash in which six people were killed, this past June. According to a report issued by the Montana State Police, the fire chief of the Three Forks Fire Department in Montana was driving a 2002 International fire engine on the highway when the drivetrain of the truck failed. The drivetrain of a vehicle powers its wheels. This failure caused a wheel on the truck to lock and the chief lost control of the truck, which crossed over the lane and slammed into an oncoming pickup truck, causing an explosion and fire.

The family of five in the pickup truck, which included three small children, was all killed in the crash, as was the fire chief. Navistar said they have reports of five other incidents of mechanical failure, in addition to the fatal Montana crash, and that is why they were issuing the recall.

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