Why Consumers Should Take Product Recalls Seriously

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2015 | Defective Products

Manufacturers in almost every industry recall products on a regular basis. Companies generally announce recalls on TV networks, radio broadcasts, and popular websites. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers pay for the advertisement of a product recall, according to Kidsindanger.org. Some companies issue a press release that only reaches a very limited number of consumers, and for those who purchase defective products, this lack of communication often translates into injuries and even fatalities.

One way to stay aware of product recalls is to sign up for regular emails at Recalls.gov. In particular, parents should use this resource to double-check the safety of various toys and games for children.

Consumers should always take product recalls seriously. Defects can happen to almost any product, but recalls signify a legitimate and potentially dangerous flaw in manufacturing.

What If a Recalled Product Injuries You or a Family Member?

In some cases, people who suffer injuries from recalled products can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and related parties. However, these cases tend to be complex, and the guidance of a personal-injury attorney may prove invaluable.

One way you can increase the likelihood of a successful lawsuit is to prove the injured party used the item as the manufacturer intended. Also, it is critical to prove that the defects caused the injury.

For example, if a company recalls a line of hairdryers due to a potentially dangerous defect, a successful lawsuit may require that the injury occurred while the victim was drying his or her hair. If the victim tried to use the dryer to melt ice on a car’s windshield, or used the product in some other unintended fashion, the case may be relatively weak.

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