Negligent Driver Causes Major Downtown Crash

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2015 | Car Wrecks

A serious collision between a passenger car and a pickup truck completely shut down a major downtown interchange, and authorities speculate that the negligent driver may have been distracted.

When first responders arrived at the scene, the truck driver was trapped inside his vehicle. Firefighters worked feverishly to free him. According to witnesses, the man appeared to be lost. He cut across several lanes before slamming into the back of another car, spinning out, and smashing into a retaining wall.

The driver was immobilized and rushed to a local hospital, but he is expected to survive.

Distracted Driving

Cell phones garner much attention in the ongoing debate over distracted driving laws and privacy rights, because these hand-held devices involve all three forms of distraction: motorists take their eyes off the road, take their hands off the wheel, and take their minds off driving. However, any one element can cause a serious crash.

For example, at highway speeds, a vehicle travels about 100 feet per second. In three seconds, the amount of time it takes to read a large road sign, look out the window for a landmark, or examine a GPS device, a car travels almost the length of a football field.

In addition to the three forms of distracted driving, this habit typically has one of two origins:

  • Operator: Careless drivers may do more than look out the window. Many motorists are impaired by fatigue, alcohol, or drugs, and they should not get behind the wheel at all. Other drivers speed or ignore the rules of the road.
  • Environmental: When the roads are wet or icy, careful drivers should slow down and keep in a straight line as much as possible. The same is true in low-light conditions, like fog, heavy precipitation, or darkness. However, not everyone adjust to adverse conditions.

Damages in a negligence case may include money for both economic losses, like lost wages and medical bills, and emotional losses, like loss of consortium and loss of enjoyment in life. Punitive damages may also be available in some cases, to punish the tortfeasor and deter future wrongful conduct.

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