Runaway Tractor Trailer Near Highland Park

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2015 | Car Wrecks

An operator who lost control of his vehicle careened into the center barrier before flipping over and slamming into another car.

The crash took place near the intersection of Interstate 10 and Hackberry. Police state that the force of the collision launched the second car into the air. They speculated that the injuries would have been much worse had the support beams on the side of the interstate not caught the vehicle before it hit the ground.

As it was, a woman inside the car shattered the bones in her foot, but doctors are optimistic that she will be able to walk again.

Damages Available in Large Truck Accidents

These types of collisions are very common in the San Antonio area, because there are so many complicated freeway interchanges that drivers who are just passing through may not know how to navigate. And with the average large truck weighing well over 80,000 pounds, there is very little margin for error. These massive vehicles are nearly impossible to stop or slow down quickly, even if an experienced driver is behind the wheel.

Because of the serious nature of these crashes, significant compensation is available to many victims, for damages such as:

  • Hospital Bills: A few hours in an Emergency Room can cost thousands of dollars, and the expense escalates dramatically after that.
  • Rehabilitation: Foot, leg, and knee injuries can mean months of expensive and difficult physical rehabilitation, if the patients are to regain mobility. Victims of arm and hand injuries also face a long road, if they want to resume everyday activities.
  • Lost Wages: Past lost wages are relatively simple to calculate; an attorney often partners with another professional to estimate the amount of future lost wages.
  • Future Medical Bills: While it is best to wait until the victim is completely healed before filing suit, such delay is not always practical or possible. Future medical expenses can be estimated in much the same way as future lost wages.
  • Property Damage: This element is sometimes lost in the shuffle, but an insurance company should repair or replace your vehicle at the earliest possible opportunity.

Victims are also entitled to compensation for their non-economic injuries, such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment in life.

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