Take Advantage of Your Smartphone after an Auto Accident

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Using your cell phone while you drive is not only dangerous, it is often illegal. Texas and many cities in the state have strict cell phone laws. Young, inexperienced drivers cannot use handheld or wireless communications while operating a vehicle. In most cities and in school zones around the state, it is illegal to text while driving. However, after you have been in a car accident and have come to a complete stop, a cell smartphone can be incredibly useful. The following includes information regarding how you can take advantage of having a cell phone after a collision:

Call for help immediately.

Decades ago, someone had to get to a landline to call 911. Now, if you, someone in your car, or someone in another vehicle needs help, you can pick up your cell phone and call 911. This is a major advantage; indeed, the sooner you call, the faster first responders can get to the scene and provide aid.

Capture personal information.

You know you are supposed to gather the other driver’s personal information after a crash, but do you have pen and paper handy? Instead of digging around for a scrap of paper and a pen at the bottom of your glove compartment, you can take photos of other individual’s driver’s license, license plates, and insurance cards. Not only is this faster, but you decrease the risk of writing something down incorrectly.

Record the damage.

After a collision, insurance companies will want evidence of the property damage and how the collision occurred. By taking photos of your car from different distances and angles, you quickly gather a significant amount of evidence regarding the damage. You can also take photo and video of the surrounding area to demonstrate property that occurred outside of your vehicle. If there is evidence of how the crash happened, such as skid marks on the ground, take photos of those too.

Photograph your injuries.

You should always seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. However, if you have a number of physical injuries, you should ask a friend or family member to take photos or videos of you. You may want to take photos every day over the course of weeks to show how the injuries evolved and looked.

Take personal notes.

Over time you can lose your memory of what exactly happened during the accident. When you have a moment and you are calm, write down or voice record yourself a memo of what happened leading up to the accident. These notes can help you remember later.

File a claim online.

Your insurance company may have an app that enables you to provide notice of the accident and file a claim online. The app may take you through the entire claims process, providing instructions and allowing you to upload photos directly. However, if your insurer does not have a helpful app, you should call your insurance company as soon as possible.

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