Recovering Compensation after a Texas Construction Accident

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An individual was killed on a construction site in Carrollton, Texas, in March. The man, a worker at the site within the Castle Hills development at Old Denton Road and Windhaven Parkway, was run over by a heavy construction vehicle. Unfortunately, this type of incident is not uncommon on construction sites. Back-over accidents and other construction vehicle accidents occur at alarming rates, killing dozens of workers and pedestrians every year.

Fatal Work Accidents in Texas

In 2015, Texas witnessed 527 fatal occupational injuries. The construction industry had 124 deaths. This was a significant increase from 107 deaths in 2014. In 2015, construction of buildings had 13 fatalities, heavy and civil engineering construction had 26, and specialty trade contractors had 85. While heavy and civil engineering deaths remained the same from the prior year, the construction of buildings and specialty trade contractors’ deaths rose. Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction had 36 deaths, a significant decrease from 75 in 2014, while transportation had 100, an increase from 94 in 2014.

Causes of Workplace Deaths

Transportation accidents are the leading cause of occupational fatalities in Texas. Transportation accidents happen on roadways, construction sites, mining sites, railways, and at airports. These types of accidents are a significant risk for construction workers who have to work near busy highways or who have to work around heavy construction equipment with large blind spots. If motorists and other workers are not careful, it is all too easy to hit another worker.

The next most common cause of workplace accidents is falls. Of the 86 fall-related deaths, 38 were at construction or industrial sites while 25 were at a home or residential construction site. Falls at construction sites often lead to debilitating injuries or deaths because workers fall from significant heights or onto dangerous objects.

The third most common cause of occupational deaths is violent acts either by workers or third parties. Violent acts are usually homicides or suicides, though assaults by animals are also documented. Most violent acts affect retail, service providing industries, and administrative or support personnel. The construction industry sees relatively few assaults.

Your Legal Options after a Construction Accident

If you lost a loved one in a construction accident while they were an employee on the site, you will need to work through the workers’ compensation system to recover compensation. You may be able to receive a portion of your loved one’s future earnings, funeral expenses, and more.

If your loved one was a pedestrian and not employed by a business working at the construction site, speak with a New Braunfels wrongful death attorney right away. You may be able to bring an insurance claim or you may need to file a wrongful death or survival action in court to recover compensation.

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