Unsafe Speed and Construction Zone Accidents in Texas

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Every day we encounter situations in which we may be compelled to drive above the posted speed limit. We often speed when we are late for work, running behind for an appointment, or even in the case of an emergency. But in all cases, speeding endangers the lives of your passengers, yourself, others on the road, and pedestrians.

Speeding can result in traffic violations and even criminal penalties. In addition, when unsafe speed leads to an accident, there are even more legal consequences–including potential civil lawsuits and significant liability. There are certain situations in which speeding is particularly prone to causing serious collisions, such as construction zones. Construction zone accidents are frequently serious because they can involve a mass of cars and many exposed workers on or near the road itself.

In civil lawsuits stemming from construction zone accidents, statutory laws may come into play, meaning that civil lawsuits involve one party claiming that the other party’s negligence led to an injury. The specific rules of the road in construction zones are critical in establishing whether or not a party acted negligently.

Texas Construction Zone Laws

Traffic rules related to construction zones must be understood by all travelers. Texas law is clear that travelers need to be careful when driving through these areas. For example, all moving violations are double the original fine if they occur in a construction zone. The Texas Administrative Code establishes the regulatory and advisory speed limits for construction zones, school zones, etc. Pursuant to the Code, reduced speed signs will be posted in the vicinity of work being performed. This is to facilitate the flow of traffic and simultaneously protect workers within the reduced speed zones. Reduced speeds lessen the chance of an individual being involved in a construction zone accident.

Warnings about speed in construction zones are placed well before the zone itself. Obviously, this is so that drivers have ample time to adjust. Unfortunately, due to distraction, inattentiveness, or other errors, some drivers do not slow down soon enough. This often results in driver’s slamming on their brakes to avoid hitting others or simply driving at unsafe speeds throughout a construction zone, making it more likely that control of the vehicle may be lost. All of this may be a sign of negligence and result in liability if an accident occurs.

Legal Help

If you or someone you know has been in a construction zone accident, ensure you seek out the aid of experienced legal professionals. Contact the skilled New Braunfels injury attorneys at The Bettersworth Law Firm help those in Austin and throughout Central Texas and can work for accountability and redress on your behalf following preventable collisions.