Car Crash with Scooter Kills Student in Austin, Texas

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Car crashes in Austin involving pedestrians and bicyclists often are debilitating and even deadly. Often, negligent motorists are responsible for these accidents and resulting injuries. For example, texting while driving might mean that a motorist fails to see a pedestrian who is crossing the street, or an aggressive driver who is speeding cannot stop in time to prevent a collision. Given that electric scooters came to Austin, Texas relatively recently, users of these devices are now at greater risk of involvement in a collision with a motor vehicle. Recently, a foreign exchange student at the University of Texas, Austin was killed while riding an electric scooter. The crash occurred between the student and a motorist in a 2006 silver Volkswagen Jetta.

Motor vehicle collisions can happen quickly and without warning. If you believe your injuries resulted from another driver’s negligence, it is important to learn more about filing a claim for financial compensation by speaking with an Austin car accident lawyer.

Collision Results in UT Student Fatality

The fatal collision occurred when a UT foreign exchange student from Ireland was riding an electric Lime scooter the wrong way while northbound in the southbound left lane of the I-35 service road. The 21-year-old scooter rider was struck by an Uber driver. Emergency medical responders rushed him to Dell Seton Medical Center, but he later died from his injuries.

The was the fifth fatal traffic accident in Austin in 2019, and it represents the second death of an electric scooter rider in a crash in Austin, TX. The article explains how a 25-year-old man was killed just over a year ago in an electric scooter collision while riding on North Lamar Boulevard in North Austin. That crash occurred when the rider veered onto the opposite lanes of traffic before being struck by a vehicle and dying at the scene.

Dangerous of Car Crashes and Electric Lime Scooters in Austin

Scooter-related injuries, especially with regard to collisions with motor vehicles, have become a significant problem in Austin. Many college-aged riders in Austin use electric Lime scooters after dark, which is a particularly dangerous time. We know that numerous injuries have resulted from motor vehicle crashes with scooter or near-misses, but the Austin Police Department does not currently keep track of the total number of accident reports involving e-scooters. To be sure, in response to an inquiry about the total number of e-scooter accidents and injuries in the city, the Austin Police Department replied, “there’s no title code for a scooter involved in a crash so we don’t have a way to track that data.”

One report highlights the serious injury risks associated with e-scooters and the major problem of tracking accidents and injuries. The report suggests that at least 1,500 e-scooter injuries have occurred across the U.S. in the last year, yet they are not properly tracked by law enforcement agencies or hospitals. As such, there is no clear indication of just how dangerous electric scooters can be, and how often they are involved in motor vehicle crashes.

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