Rollover Accident in South Austin Causes Serious Injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Car Wrecks

Recently, a rollover crash on EB US 290 at Ben White Boulevard sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries. Both people became entrapped in their vehicles, requiring ATCEMS to cut them free before sending them to the hospital. Serious injuries are sadly common in rollover accidents, and if you have lived through one, your medical bills may add up very quickly. Bringing suit against a driver who struck you may be a good way to recoup some of your costs and recover for your losses.

Statistics Show Serious Injuries Common

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that in a given year, roughly two percent of all accidents are of the rollover type. However, rollovers were responsible for approximately 35 percent of the fatalities from those accidents. It is possible to trace some causes for these high totals. One major factor is a lack of seat belt usage – in 2010, nearly 70 percent of those killed in rollover crashes were not using any seatbelt or restraint.

Another common cause of rollover crashes is the use of substances like alcohol or drugs. In 2010 data, the NHTSA estimates that nearly half of all rollover crashes involved alcohol use, and it is a known fact that driving while under the influence of alcohol (even if someone is not legally impaired) can cause a noticeable downgrade in your driving ability. There are also many causes that have more to do with location – for example, more rollover crashes occur on undivided rural roads and may have higher speeds.

Who to Sue?

If you have been in a rollover accident, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you have a case, especially if no other vehicle was involved in your crash (as far as you are aware). Single-vehicle accidents like rollovers are most often ruled to be the fault of the injured driver, but it is not impossible that another driver acted in a negligent way that caused your crash. For example, another driver could have negligently swerved into your lane and caused you to take evasive action, which led to your car flipping over. Do not immediately give up hope.

In some cases, even if you were the only driver involved in your accident, you may also be able to bring suit against another company or entity if you can show that there was a problem that led to your accident. The most common situations where this is applicable are with product defects in your vehicle, or with a possible defect in the road. Be advised, however, if you believe that your accident was due to poor road maintenance, you may be precluded from suing the government under a theory called sovereign immunity. There are only a few exceptions, and each case is different, so consulting an attorney on the issue is a good idea.

Contact a New Braunfels Rollover Crash Lawyer

While no word exists on the condition of the US 290 crash victims as of yet, be aware that rollover accidents can and do cause serious, potentially life-changing injury. If you have been injured in this type of accident, calling a skilled New Braunfels rollover accident attorney from the Bettersworth Law Firm may be your first step toward getting your life back to normal. Do not hesitate to contact our office today at 888-392-0039 to schedule a free consultation.