Police Searching for Austin Driver Who Crashed Into Home

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Though you hope it never happens, you are probably aware that it is possible to get into a car accident any time you are on the road. However, most people do not expect to be the victim of a car accident while they are in the comfort of their own homes. Unfortunately, it is all too possible, as a recent accident in Austin illustrates. In late September, a driver crashed into a home near I-35 and 183 and then fled, abandoning the vehicle and leaving property damage and one person with minor injuries.

What Causes a Driver to Collide With a Home?

As unlikely as it seems, 60 drivers crash into buildings every day in the United States, and when it happens, a number of contributing factors may be involved. Some of the most common include:

  • Drunk driving: An intoxicated driver whose judgment is severely impaired may lose control and swerve off of the road into a home or other building.
  • Driver error: A driver may crash into a home if he or she accidentally presses the accelerator instead of the brake, or if he or she accidentally drives forward instead of in reverse.
  • Driver fatigue: A driver who falls asleep at the wheel can drive off of the road and into a home.
  • Defective vehicles: A malfunctioning car can operate in a way that the driver does not expect, making it difficult to avoid crashing into a home.
  • Busy roadways: Homes located near high-traffic areas like I-35 may be more susceptible to a vehicle collision.

Any of these situations could involve the negligence of the driver or another party, which means if you are injured or your property is damaged as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.

Pursuing Compensation When a Car Crashes Into Your House

While the circumstances of the accident may be different from what you typically expect, you can pursue recovery for damages when a vehicle collides with your home, just as you can for an accident while you are on the road. A negligent driver is liable for any injuries he or she causes, as well as damages to your home and other property. However, identifying the at-fault party is not always easy, especially if the driver flees the scene. Your attorney can work with law enforcement to locate the liable party and collect evidence to support your claim for compensation.

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