Common Myths About Whiplash Injuries During Car Accidents in Texas

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Whiplash is a common neck injury individuals endure during car accidents. Victims who suffer this injury may experience neck pain, stiffness, dizziness, headaches and burning sensations. While whiplash might not seem as severe as other vehicle crash injuries, it can still cause complications if not treated properly. If you suffered whiplash during a crash caused by another driver, you should get in touch with a Texas car accident attorney.

Misconceptions You Should Not Believe About Whiplash Injuries

Car accident victims who sustain whiplash may be eligible to receive compensation. However, certain myths surrounding the injury may prevent some from pursuing compensation. Here are a few common myths about whiplash you should know about.

  • Whiplash symptoms are immediately apparent. Whiplash is a unique injury because it often does not cause pain and other symptoms right away. In fact, you may not notice anything is wrong until days or weeks after the accident. That is why you should get checked out by a doctor immediately after a car crash. If a doctor determines that you do have whiplash, you can start treatment right away.

  • Whiplash only occurs if the vehicle is going fast. Many people assume that they can only suffer a whiplash injury if the car was traveling at a high speed. However, it is possible to sustain this injury even if the vehicle was traveling a few miles per hour.

  • Whiplash symptoms always improve on their own. For some people, whiplash symptoms may go away on their own over time. Others, however, may develop chronic neck and shoulder pain that makes it difficult to perform daily activities. To prevent long-term problems, seek medical attention promptly.

  • Whiplash only causes neck pain. With a whiplash injury, neck pain is not the only thing you have to be concerned about. Since your muscles are connected, you may also experience pain in your shoulders, back and arms.

  • You do not need medical guidance after a whiplash injury. Following a whiplash injury, it is wise to rest for a few days. However, you should try to resume your normal routine after that. If you rest your neck too long, it can lead to stiffness, which can increase your discomfort. A doctor can assess your injury and explain the actions you should take to hasten your recovery.

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