Brake Failure Sends Dump Truck Crashing into Gas Station

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Three people were transported to the hospital following a dump truck rollover in San Antonio two weeks ago. The truck accident occurred at a gas station located at the intersection of O’Connor Road and I-35 shortly before noon on June 28. Police say the truck’s driver was seriously injured, while the other two victims suffered what appeared to be minor injuries.

Accident Details

According to information released by the San Antonio Police Department, the truck driver, who was hauling asphalt, suddenly lost control of the vehicle as he was exiting I-35. The truck flipped over, pushing a work truck into the gas station.

The driver later told police that the brakes had stopped working, and he lost control trying to steer. He was transported to the hospital with serious arm injuries. The man in the work truck was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Both he and another victim were at the gas station on a service call.

There were multiple people in the store at the time of the accident, but police say they were all able to get away before the impact occurred. Witnesses say the dump truck also hit numerous vehicles that were in the area before flipping over.

Brake Failure

While there are a number of causes of truck accidents, brake failure is one of the most common, especially when it comes to defective or poorly maintained parts. Good working brakes are crucial for any large commercial truck, especially given the extra weight when transporting cargo.

Unlike car brakes, which operate on simple hydraulic pressure lines, large trucks have air brakes that run on a compressor, feeding air pressure to tanks that put that pressure on the brakes to get them to stop the vehicle. Given the complexity of these types of braking systems and the amount of use they get, trucking companies must conduct routine inspections of brake systems and repair or replace any issues that arise. Otherwise, the brakes will eventually fail, putting the truck driver and anyone close to the vehicle in danger.

Another reason for brake failure in trucking accidents is when there is a defect in the design or manufacturing of the brakes. If this happens, then victims can pursue damages against that manufacturer.

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