Can a Mechanic Be at Fault for a Car Accident in Texas?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | Car Wrecks

Regular vehicle maintenance is an important responsibility for any car owner. When you take your car in to be serviced, you probably assume that the mechanic is competent and that your car will be fixed properly. Unfortunately, mechanics, car dealerships, and repair shops can make mistakes that make a vehicle unsafe to drive. If poor vehicle maintenance causes a preventable car accident, the party responsible for servicing the vehicle may be liable for damages.

Accidents Caused by Substandard Vehicle Maintenance

Most personal injury cases, including car accident injury cases, are founded upon an allegation of the defendant’s negligence. The term “negligence” refers to the party’s breach of duty. A mechanic has a duty to either fix your vehicle or inform you that the vehicle is not fixed and not safe to drive. When a mechanic or auto repair facility’s oversight, shortcut, or mistake causes a vehicle to be unsafe and the owner is not informed of this, the owner may get into a serious accident.

Examples of mechanic negligence that could cause a crash include but are not limited to:

  • Not fixing a vehicle problem but claiming that the problem is solved
  • Damaging the vehicle while attempting to repair it
  • Performing substandard repairs that lead to a malfunction
  • Installing broken or incompatible parts in the car
  • Making unnecessary and unsafe modifications or repairs
  • Failing to recognize and address vehicle issues that a reasonable mechanic of similar expertise would have noticed

Seeking Compensation for Damages Caused by Substandard Repair

Auto repair facilities and dealerships are typically liable for damages caused by their negligence or the negligence of their employees. However, one of the most challenging aspects of recovering damages for mechanic negligence is proving that the mechanic or repair shop’s actions are to blame for the accident. A skilled car accident lawyer with experience handling cases involving mechanic negligence can obtain evidence to strengthen your case and build a compelling claim against the mechanic or repair shop. You may be entitled to compensation for your vehicle damage, medical expenses, lost income from missed work, and more. There is a two-year statute of limitations for Texas injury lawsuits so it is important to act quickly.

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