Why is improperly secured cargo on semitrucks problematic?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Truck Wrecks

Improperly secured cargo on semitrucks is a problem that extends far beyond simple rules and regulations. The consequences of unsecured loads can be devastating, leading to significant crashes, personal injuries and fatalities.

The enormity of semitrucks and the vast cargo array amplifies the risks associated with improper load securement. There are several reasons why all cargo should be secured properly, but the risk of innocent motorists suffering catastrophic or fatal injuries tops the list.

Improperly secured cargo can lead to uncontrolled shifts in weight

One of the immediate risks of wrongly secured cargo is the potential for wild shifts in weight during transportation. A semitruck’s balance and stability are carefully calculated, so even a minor shift can create a hazardous situation. Examples of this danger include:

  • Sudden braking or sharp turns cause cargo to slide or tip, making the truck unstable
  • Weight shifts lead to rollovers, particularly in curves or high winds
  • Loads fall onto the road, creating obstacles for other motorists
  • These scenarios can lead to multi-vehicle accidents, serious injuries, or even fatalities
  • Falling objects from trucks create lethal hazards on the road

These are some of the reasons why a third-party company responsible for cargo loading may be named as a defendant in certain personal injury lawsuits.

Unsecured cargo can also become a deadly projectile

Whether it’s a small tool or an entire pallet of goods, if something falls from a moving truck, it can strike other vehicles or pedestrians with lethal force. Instances of this risk include:

  • Objects fall and hit cars following behind, causing loss of control or crashes
  • Debris landing on the road, leading to pile-ups as vehicles swerve to avoid them
  • Pedestrians or cyclists are struck by falling objects, resulting in grave injuries or death

These tragic occurrences highlight the importance of proper load securement in preventing unnecessary harm. Victims of these crashes often suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries. They may choose to seek compensation for the damages they’re dealing with. This can include missed wages and medical care. Other damages might also be possible, so seeking legal guidance is very important in the wake of a wreck involving improper cargo practices.