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3 mistakes people make when they handle crash claims on their own

 Posted on September 27,2023 in Uncategorized

Those injured in collisions caused by another driver have certain rights under Texas state law. Typically, they have the option of filing an insurance claim. If someone doesn’t have insurance or if they cause a crash that leads to major losses, people can pursue personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits in civil court.

Those who are not at fault for a crash often assume that the system will work in their favor, but that is not necessarily the case. Insurance companies may aggressively negotiate to limit what they pay on claims, and the person who caused the crash could very well retain a lawyer in hopes of avoiding personal responsibility for the wreck. Ultimately, attempting to manage the process of pursuing compensation without professional support could very easily lead to someone making one of the three mistakes below.

Paperwork or deadline mistakes

There are numerous statutory rules that apply to personal injury lawsuits and insurance claims. For example, someone seeking to take another driver to civil court only has two years from the date of their initial injury to take action. After that point, the statute of limitations will largely prevent any lawsuits. Mistakes regarding the type of papers that someone files with the courts or the insurance company, as well as errors or omissions on the documents they submit, could complicate their claim or lead to significant delays.

Settling too soon for too little

Every insurance policy has to meet certain baseline standards set by Texas law, but not every claim will result in a payout of the maximum amount possible. Insurance companies will try to limit how much they pay for individual claims, and people need to understand how much the crash will cost in order to push for an appropriate settlement. They also need to be able to identify aggressive negotiation techniques that might put them at a disadvantage.

Saying things that can lead to greater trouble

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to manage their own insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit is that they will over-communicate. Sharing too many details can actually weaken someone’s case, particularly when in court or discussing a situation with lawyers for another party. The attorney representing an insurance company or the defendant in a personal injury scenario might try to get someone to implicate themselves by making statements that suggest they have some degree of fault for the crash. They may also try to get people to contradict themselves, which could undermine their credibility in court later.

Those who have professional guidance don’t have to worry about making minor mistakes when managing the details of a personal injury claim. They can also rely on having professional support when communicating with professionals and reviewing settlement offers. Having the right support can make a major difference for those worried about recovering the financial losses they’ve incurred because of a recent Texas crash.

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