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Cement Truck Crashes Into New Braunfels Baseball Stadium

 Posted on April 10,2012 in Uncategorized

Comal County sees many truck wrecks each year. These 18-wheeler accidents are caused by many different factors, and have a wide range of results, from no or minor injuries, to deaths and devastation. In one of New Braunfels more bizarre truck accidents, reports that a cement truck recently crashed into the New Braunfels High School baseball stadium. The wreck happened on the afternoon of Monday, April 9. At the time of the accident, the New Braunfels baseball team was practicing on the field, when the cement truck crashed through the right field wall. The truck proceeded to drive through the batting cages, and then into and through the left field wall, before hitting another truck and a school bus and coming to a halt. Amazingly, no baseball players were hurt, although one reports having to run out of the way. The truck driver and a front passenger were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. Police believe that the truck was involved in a prior accident before swerving off of nearby Loop 337. At the time of the article, New Braunfels baseball coach Doug Edwards said that the field is expected to be ready for the team’s Tuesday evening game against Bexar County. Luckily, this New Braunfels truck wreck only resulted in minor injuries and some property damage. However, most big-rig accidents don’t have the same result, those involved are seriously injured. If you are injured in a Comal County truck crash due to the fault of another driver, you are entitled to compensation for your damages. Contact a top New Braunfels truck wreck lawyer for advice.

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