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List of Recalled Vehicles with Defective Airbags Keeps Growing

 Posted on July 23,2014 in Uncategorized

Subaru is the latest automobile manufacturer to issue recalls on vehicles that could potentially have defective airbags. The automaker has issued a recall for 8,557 vehicles which used airbags manufactured by Takata Corp. of Japan. The models Subaru is recalling include 2003 and 2004 Outback wagons, Legacy and Baja crossovers, as well as 2004 Imprez.

In the past, Takata said the propellant which is in the inflator of the defective airbags was not correctly prepared and is too powerful for the airbag to handle. In a crash, the inflator could explode, spraying shards of metal from the casing. However, recently the company admitted that the chemicals used in the propellant, which is highly explosive, were improperly stored and handled at its plant in Mexico

There have been several other automakers who have issued recalls for the defective airbags. Honda recently issued a recall for over 3 million vehicles. This is in addition to the 1 million vehicles the company issued recalls for last year.

Toyota Motor Corp. announced a recall for 2.27 million vehicles. Toyota also received a report of one fire that was a result of the defect, however no injuries were reported.

Ford has issued a recall for 58,669 vehicles, including some model years of Mustangs and Rangers. Mazda has issued a recall for 34,600 vehicles. Nissan has recalled 755,000 vehicles. BMW and Chrysler have also issued recalls for vehicles with potential defective airbags but neither automaker released the number of vehicles affected.

According to a statement released by Honda, there have been at least 30 injuries and two deaths attributed to the faulty air bags in Honda’s vehicles.

Most of the automakers have limited their recalls to vehicles located in states where there is high humidity, based on the recommendation of Takata that it is that type of environment which creates the problem for the airbag. However, Subaru is extending their recall to vehicles in all states.

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