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Nursing Facility Blamed for Injury

 Posted on September 04,2013 in Uncategorized

According to the Southeast Texas Record, Inocencia Alanis is alleging that sustained injuries that have resulted in her suffering multiple injuries including immobility. She is alleging that these injuries happened because of the negligence of employees of the Regent Care Center in League City. At the time of her injury, her arm was in a sling and the staff attempted to move her into a bed without properly placing her injured arm on top of her body. This action in turn caused her arm to roll off the employee’s shoulder. It was later determined that she suffered a fractured humerus. She was then transferred to a nearby medical center where she underwent testing to determine the full extent of her injuries. It was also determined that she suffered compression fractures in her spine. Her suit alleges that because of her injuries, she is experiencing back pain that is so severe, that she is rendered her immobile. It is virtually impossible for her to walk or even move because of the extreme pain that she is experiencing. In her suit, she is alleging that the facility is negligent in failing to train its employees in the proper procedure of moving patients, failing to transfer her in such a way that is mindful of her current injury and not causing further injury, and failing to follow the doctor’s orders when it came to her care. She is seeking monetary damages in an unspecified amount and she has requested to have a jury trial in the matter. If you have been hurt as a result of the negligent actions of medical staff at an office or facility, contact an experienced Texas accident attorney. Your attorney will assess your case to see if you have a basis to ask for monetary award as well as the payment of medical bills.

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